Adding a gable roof to an existing roof

How to Add a Gable Roof to Your House

adding a gable roof to an existing roof

Roofs Built Over Roof Sheathing Might Require Ventilation - New Construction And Home Additions

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Adding on to a house or structure is a great way to get more room without building an entire new house! There are several important things to know about matching existing roofs and how to do it depending on what style of roof you have, the roof truss design, and how you want to add on. Either the addition is added to form a T-shape to the house with the ridge running perpendicular to the main house roof, or the addition is continued on the end of the house making it longer with the ridge running the same way as the existing house. Here we will focus on adding length to the end of a house roof. Now once again, there are several ways to add on.

First, you need a blueprint of your project. If your City Inspector approves, you may be allowed to hand draw your projected plan on paper, but you must include dimensions, pitch, and materials you will be using to complete the job. With any construction job, you must first obtain a permit before beginning work. Using a plumb bob, a bubble level, and a carpenters square, check your existing wall and roof line to make sure it is square and level. Then, nail 2 x 4's around perimeter of roof area you will be adding new structure to. This is called the Cap Plate.

For once in our lives, we think of a home renovation project. The new material would take the gable design. In this post, you will learn:. Important Note : Joining two roofs together is a difficult job. People may decide to merge two roofs together, a new one to a current one, for one reason: to make his home bigger. A homeowner like yourself may want an extra bedroom, laundry room, or sunroom.

This page is about adding a gable roof over a proposed new porch. It is in response to the question below that I received from Joe and Teresa who live "just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The rancher has a hip roof and we are having issues about how to place the new roof to the hip roof and also how to sketch it to show potential contractors We would really like a front porch to enjoy the yard and weather. Presently, we cannot use the front of the house in the summer as there is no protection from the extreme heat.

How to Match an Existing Gable Roof & The Truss Design

When adding a new gable roof addition to your property, you will need to find a way of joining the two roofs together. -


How To Attach Home Addition Roof Framing To Existing Sloping Roof


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