Fun things to do naked

13 activities that you can do naked in public without breaking the law

fun things to do naked


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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Hannah B. Just Shaded Tyler C. Getty Images. Cleaning your place. It feels so much more purifying to clean out your house when you're au naturel.

Sign up or log in to share. I run around my place naked most of the time when I know I will be home for the day. Clean the apt, etc. When the boyfriend is here we have times when the two of us just stays naked and it is quite a turn on. Have a beach in the summer where we can go and find a secluded area to get naked and sunbathe.

Take away the wool suits and the pencil skirts and you'll find that underneath, we're all nudists. With that in mind, we've created a list of activities that are more fun, practical, liberating, pleasurable and amusing to do with neither a stitch on nor a care in the world. Now, for the sake of those with more delicate sensibilities, we've left out a few of the most obvious activities that are best done naked watching Question Time , for example , but those aside, here are the top ten things to do nude. Unveiling the naked truth - daily activities are more fun nude. Where: Anywhere you won't get arrested.

When you strip down naked there are unlimited possibilities including sex but here are some things to do naked besides sex! Naked Cook: With the summer heat wave, who can blame you for only wanting to eat ice cubes and frozen lettuce to cool down? Unfortunately, that is not how adults behave. You have to cook your food. But instead of letting it ruin your whole life, why not make it a fun activity by stripping down and whipping up some Cheerios! Find a thing and Touch It. Five points if you touch it with your butt, ten with your John Hancock, ten for putting it between the girls.

Top Ten Things to do Naked

From the day Adam and Eve decided to swap eternal paradise for the glory and majesty of a solitary apple, nudity is something that society has frowned upon across nearly every culture., There are plenty of other public venues where taking your clothes off is completely appropriate, and even encouraged. We've compiled a list of activities, including world-renowned festivals, exercise classes, holiday attractions, and protests, where it's absolutely OK to be fully nude.

Fun things to do naked?

Jump to navigation. Put on a fashion show. Tell him you want his opinion on a pair of shoes you just bought. He"ll roll his eyes"until he sees that you"re wearing only the shoes. Talk on the phone.

There's no doubt that doing everyday things, like washing dishes or checking your e-mail, is a hell of alot more entertaining and hilarious when you're naked. But hanging out in the nude has some serious benefits too. Check out this list of fun and totally easy ways to be, um, percent you with your guy, while alone, and with your girlfriends yep, we went there. Challenge him to a game of Scrabble. You get bonus points for synonyms for each other's naughty bits. Play touch by numbers.




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  1. Nudity is fun. "Fun" is part of "fundamental" or something. Look, just get naked and learn. 12 of image. Getty Images. Night swimming. Yeah.

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