Wengie back to school pranks

10 Pranks For Back To School! Prank Wars!

wengie back to school pranks

Check out my Back To School Pranks Using School Supplies! . I ONLY BELIEVE IN GHOSTS AT NIGHT Wengie i didnt know if the words.

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Ever since then she has uploaded videos of Life Hacks, DIY'S, Craft Ideas, Slime Videos, Fun Experiment, Pranks, and Challenges. Wengie has also previously.
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Wengie born: January 9, [age 33] [1] is an Australian-Chinese YouTuber, singer, and voice actress. Wengie has also previously posted videos of her childhood and a Draw My Life video. In Wengie's videos, her "Twin Sister" Wendy has appeared multiple times. Her first single "Oh I Do" was released on November 25, On July 10, , she released her first English single called "Cake". These songs were released on her music channel.

10 Pranks With Edible School Supplies! Back To School Prank Wars!

10 Edible Pranks For Back To School! Prank Wars!



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  1. 10 Pranks For Back To School! Prank THESE PRANKS ARE PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! Wengie 23,, views.

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