Jesse james days northfield minnesota

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jesse james days northfield minnesota

There is so much to do during the Defeat of Jesse James Days! 29th, The gang had scouted out southern Minnesota and knew Northfield was their.

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Region: Southern. Held each year on the weekend after Labor Day, it celebrates the courage of a town that defied Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang and won. Horses thunder down the historic main street and bullets fly during the many authentic bank raid re-enactments that tell this amazing story. It is street theater at its best. In addition, the celebration features professional rodeo, Northfield Arts Guild Riverfront Fine Art Festival, car shows, parades, great music, great food and plenty of activities for the family. Four days of non-stop fun, history and fellowship in an idyllic, historic river town worthy of a Norman Rockwell canvas.

That means both turn 70 this year. I saw some information on the Defeat of Jesse James Days website indicating the Northfield Fall Festival had been in existence for a couple of years prior to adding a "Jesse James Day" on the Saturday of the celebration. A couple of the residents of Northfield decided to do a bank raid re-enactment and the rest as they say is history. I believe the celebration button first touted Defeat of Jesse James Days and it's grown into one of Minnesota's largest celebrations. It is the largest all-volunteer event in the state. September 7, was the date of the attempted robbery and Defeat of Jesse James Days celebrates the bravery of the townspeople that day. In the event began the Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award which is given to a Northfield citizen displaying the same civic duty Heywood did on that fateful day.

At roughly p. It would later be called a textbook James-Younger bank robbery, and it began with three members of the gang entering the bank and announcing that it was a holdup. On the street, local citizens began to arm themselves when a merchant discovered the robbery in progress. Upon their discovery, two gang members sprang to their horses and began shooting and yelling at the townspeople to leave the street. This forced the other three robbers into the fray.

The annual Defeat of Jesse James Days truly is an event that offers something for everyone. Fortunately, Joseph Lee Heywood, the fill-in clerk for the day, refused to open the vault for the notorious gang that day as town people gathered outside of the bank to fight back. Relive the tense showdown through one of the eight bank raid re-enactments throughout the weekend. Note: There are horses and pistols that discharge blank rounds. With one show Friday night and two on Saturday, the P. Run by Sutton Rodeos, a PRCA-sanctioned rodeo run by five generations for more than 75 years, you will experience a high-quality stock and professional rodeo.

Defeat of Jesse James Days


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