Cicely tyson at aretha franklins funeral

Bill Clinton & Cicely Tyson Among Stars to Speak at Aretha Franklin's Funeral

cicely tyson at aretha franklins funeral

Whoopi Goldberg Shares About Aretha Franklin's Funeral - The View

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Her voice touched millions around the globe during her lifetime, and her reach was apparent on Friday as her family and friends were joined by dozens of politicians, actors, musicians, religious leaders and more. Thank you for believing in me as much as you did. Clinton elicited laughter and applause as he reflected on his decadeslong friendship with Franklin. Former U. Brenda Lawrence D-Mich. The experience, Lawrence said, demonstrates an important lesson Franklin can teach women. She worked for us.

A memorial to Aretha Franklin sits outside of the New Bethel Baptist Church as fans file through for a final public viewing of the late soul singer's remains on Thursday. The funeral service for the late singer Aretha Franklin is setting up to be a musical masterpiece worthy of the Queen of Soul.
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At five feet, three inches, year-old acting legend Cicely Tyson may be a petite woman, but her presence has always been larger than life—as was the hat she wore to pay tribute to friend Aretha Franklin last Friday. The ruffled and wide-brimmed black straw picture hat was instantly iconic, turning heads among viewers both at the service and watching from home, and instantly sparking dozens of tweets, praises, jokes and memes. But all jokes aside, those of us who grew up in the church or adjacent to it recognize dramatic hats as a longstanding part of the black Christian tradition that birthed Aretha Franklin. Similarly, dramatic fashion statements are built into the fabric of Hollywood royalty. But who created the look that launched a thousand memes?

I mean, she is every goal, every dream, everything. Cicely Tyson, the Black Community's Mother looks gorgeous. ArethaHomegoing pic. When auntie Cicely Tyson and her hat walked into the church I knew then what type of day it was going to be???????? ArethaFranklinHomegoing pic. My auntie said somebody shoulda took Cicely Tyson's hat and used it to cover up Ariana????????

Aretha Franklin funeral: Cicely Tyson's hat is turning heads

Pastor Shirley Caesar And Tasha Cobb Leonard At Aretha Franklin's Funeral Celebration Service




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