La poule au pot paris

Chef Jean-Francois Piege Restores La Poule Au Pot to its Former Glory

la poule au pot paris

[email protected] 9 rue Vauvilliers Paris. Contact presse: [email protected] onettechnologiesindia.comancoispiege. com.

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When I walked in for lunch last week, I was happy to see that the decor was unchanged — the copper-topped bar, gold-mirrored columns, and grapevine-wallpaper were still there, but as soon as we sat down, we got off on the wrong foot. We went for other classics. Two of us shared the escargots, expecting the usual buttery, garlicky goodness. More disappointment: they were bland and not at all buttery; I think they were made with olive oil rather than butter. What is the world coming to? No chicken in the pot and no butter in the escargots! And this at lunchtime, when most Paris restaurants offer a better deal.

Very authentic, during our visit all other clients were locals. For four people with plenty of food and few drinks we spent around euros. Staff was very friendly and helpful, they made good suggestions, portion size was generous, and food quite delicious. Would recommend and would visit again. We went to a concert at Sainte Chapelle first, and we wanted a restaurant that stays open late, so that we wouldn't get hurried out by waiters wanting to go home at

What may sound like an unreasonable hour to be out dining on a weekday is in fact the perfect time to get to know one of the most esteemed traditional bistros and most venerable bistro owners in the capital. To eat late is easy in Paris, and to eat well is, too. But too eat late and well is rare. I add to that my own personal history since I have been coming to La Poule au Pot for a late-night fix of onion soup for over 25 years. La Poule au Pot has been known to have a party atmosphere in the middle of the night—as when some of the Rolling Stones first came after a recording session in Montmartre in the mids or when Michel Petrucciani, a well-known French jazz pianist who passed away in , stood on a banquette and tell raunchy jokes—but this was never a place to see and be seen, rather a place to enjoy the classics of hearty fresh bistro fare amiably served at any time of night. Can the Legion of Honor be far behind?

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Le Poule au Pot Restaurant Paris - La Poule au Pot

Developing dishes inspired by the bourgeois cuisine, between the four walls of this authentic and mythic institution. Opening Time From 15 June to 31 December - This is why this bistro stayed open late into the night, to serve an upstairs-downstairs clientele of market workers getting off their shifts and a sprinkling of well-bred Parisian night owls who loved the bawdy atmosphere of the quartier. All of these were delicious.

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