Oklahoma commissioner of labor candidates

Oklahoma GOP labor commissioner candidates debate

oklahoma commissioner of labor candidates

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A state representative, the widow of a former labor commissioner and a year-old engineer are among six candidates running for labor commissioner. The Republican candidates are Cathy Costello, state Rep. Leslie Osborn and Keith Swinton. Costello, 58, is a businesswoman and former educator who lives in Edmond. Her husband, former Labor Commissioner Mark Costello, was killed by their son in

Cathy Costello, state Rep. Leslie Osborn and Keith Swinton all emphasized the need to protect wage earners at a Republican labor commissioner candidate debate Wednesday. Costello is a businesswoman, former educator and widow of former labor commissioner Mark Costello, who was killed by their son in Osborn is a state representative and businesswoman and served as chair of the Appropriations and Budget Committee. Swinton is an inventor and entrepreneur who works at the U. Postal Service's national center in Norman. William "Tres" Savage III, editor-in-chief and co-owner of NonDoc, moderated the debate, which consisted of three rounds of questions from journalists Aaron Brilbeck, Claire Donnelly and Brianna Bailey, as well as opening and closing remarks.

Three candidates will compete Nov. The commissioner heads the Oklahoma Department of Labor and must implement labor-related laws from the Legislature. Houston has said she never planned to run for re-election. Republican candidate Rep. She would not have been term-limited until , but said the opening for commissioner of labor made her leave the Legislature early.

Oklahoma held an election for labor commissioner on November 6, A Republican primary runoff election was held on August 28, The candidate .
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The race features Republican State Rep. All three are vying for the seat of incumbent Labor Commissioner Melissa McLawhorn Houston, who was appointed in and did not file this year as a candidate. Osborn, 55, lives in Mustang and is a businesswoman in addition to being a state representative. She served as chair of the Appropriations and Budget Committee. Her campaign focuses on ending excessive regulations, reforming the tax code and supporting education. His campaign centers on workplace safety, improving the living wage, and educational development and training. When asked what qualifies them for the position, both Osborn and Dorrell touted their business experience.

The Labor Commissioner is responsible for supervising the administration of all state laws relating to labor and workplace safety and gathers and publishes information about the workforce of Oklahoma. Houston has said she will not seek reelection to the position in the election. In August of that year, delegates from the labor unions of the Twin-Territorial Federation of Labor, the State Farmers' Union and the Railroad Brotherhoods met in Shawnee, Oklahoma , to formulate a list of demands for the upcoming constitutional convention. One demand called for the establishment of a State Labor Department. Consequently, when the new state constitution was ratified by the delegates to the constitutional convention in , the Oklahoma Department of Labor was created, with the Labor Commissioner as its head.


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The Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor is an elective executive officer of the State of Oklahoma. Labor Commissioner was Mark Costello, a Republican, who defeated the incumbent Lloyd Fields, a Democrat in the November election.
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  1. Republican candidate Rep. Leslie Osborn (R-Mustang) was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in Democratic candidate Fred Dorrell spent 34 years with Ford Motor Company working at a Tulsa glass plant. Both Osborn and Dorrell participated in a Republican primary.

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