Are they making beautiful darkness into a movie

Beautiful Creatures (film)

are they making beautiful darkness into a movie

Beautiful Creatures Novel VS Movie **SPOILERS**

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Upcoming movie announcements. Mar 17, 3 min read. See More by GabbzGizmo. Catching Fire! Nov 24, First off, 6. Characters are very convincing and well played, especially the newbies to the cast.

Feb 24, PM. Has there been any announcement if they are making another movie or not. I'm not sure, but the book was amazing! Was the movie good?! I believe that I read somewhere that there are no current plans to make a sequel.

Beautiful Creatures is the supernatural romance film adaptation of the novel of the same name , the first book of the best selling Beautiful Creatures book series also known as The Caster Chronicles series. With Alcon Entertainment having bought the film rights to make the series into a film franchise in , and Richard LaGravanese in charge of the writing and the directing part of the movie, production began on April 15, The movie had been originally slated for a February 1, release date, but due to conflicts with several other movie release dates, it has been pushed back to an official February 14, theatrical release. On September 19, the official teaser trailer was released along with the teaser movie poster. The film opens in Gatlin , South Carolina , where Ethan Wate awakes from a recurring dream of a girl he doesn't know yet cannot stop thinking about. Ethan narrates about how he enjoys reading banned books, despairs his small town existence and dreams of leaving for college.

May 02, PM. - Beautiful Darkness is the sequel to the Caster Saga. Through telepathic communication, Lena tells Ethan she wants to skip the funeral.


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