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rick and morty s1 e6

"Rick Potion #9" is the sixth episode of Rick and Morty. It premiered on Adult Swim on January . "Rick and Morty: S1E6 "Rick Potion #9"". Dead Screen.


Things start out normal enough. Morty is, as usual, in love with his beautiful classmate, Jessica and the annual Flu Season Dance which is about flu awareness, not about having the actual flu is coming up. Unsurprisingly if you know the title of the episode , Morty has the brilliant idea to ask Rick for a love potion to make Jessica fall in love with him. After some nagging, Rick rewards Morty with a chemical extracted from a vole, a rodent that mates with one partner for life. Jessica will be in love with him forever and nothing can go wrong… unless she happens to have the flu.

After Rick gives Morty a love potion for prom, things quickly spiral out of control when the serum splices with the flu - causing it to spread. Season 1 | Episode 6 .
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Love potions are gross. For decades—centuries, even—people have told stories about magical concoctions that will win the hearts of the woman or man of their dreams, and the patina of fantasy or an inability to grasp the finer points of individual rights always makes it sound sort of romantic and sappy, even if the effort is doomed to fail. Infatuation makes it harder to see where certain lines are, and the idea that there might be some simple solution that would circumvent all the terrifying, tedious steps of flirtation, conversation, risk, and the ever-present fear of rejection, is mighty tempting. But still: love potions are gross. Even the love potion is initially sort of a shrug. The fact that it works too well, turning Jessica into a crazed, Morty-obsessed lunatic, is expected, and the way her flu allows her to infect others with the craze, leading almost immediately to an entire school full of Morty-lusting lunatics, is fun, but not as clever as the show has proven itself in the past.

The basic premise behind Rick And Morty makes it sound like a kid's show, where a boy named Morty goes on colorful, universe-spanning adventures with his genius grandfather Rick. The series is anything but kid friendly, however, with Rick being an alcoholic narcissist who constantly puts himself, his grandson and family in danger, in addition to inflicting severe emotional trauma on them. The show mixes some genuinely interesting sci-fi concepts with black comedy and gory action. What grounds Rick And Morty are the great characters, including the title duo and the rest of the family, including strained husband and wife Jerry and Beth, and older sister Summer. The stories often get outlandish and crazy, but there's something recognizably human and flawed about the family that makes them strangely likable. Rick And Morty's first season quickly set up the characters and comedy formula, but the only thing predictable about the show is how unpredictable it could get.

Rick and Morty: Rick Potion #9 review

In the episode, a love potion goes wrong, creating a virus that begins to infect the entire world population, making everyone fall in love with Morty. The episode received critical acclaim, receiving praise for its story, subplot, and ending, and was seen by about 1., Robert Downey Jr.


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