Sintomas de flu en niños

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sintomas de flu en niños

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Despite the powerful map-based spatial analysis of GIS available today, it is not easy for non-geographers to manipulate and understand. Most existing online tools provide limited population data, data integration ability, and are designed with a focus on visualization instead of spatial analysis. This creates an obstacle to applying evidence-based analysis to policy-making processes. Through our previous work assisting countries with planning for and adapting to climate change, we felt an urgent need to make analysis easier to design, implement, and understand, and thus encourage participation by social scientists, disaster risk reduction practitioners, multi-level government, planner, climate-related organizations and the general public. The objective of the development of the tool is to support the analysis of incorporating population dynamics into climate change adaptation and national development strategies.

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  3. Despite the powerful map-based spatial analysis of GIS available today, it is not easy for non-geographers to manipulate and understand.

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