Earth move under my feet

I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down

earth move under my feet

Carole King I Feel The Earth Move (1971)

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One outstanding musical experience. The show tells the story of a genius of a singer songwriter Carole King. That's what makes it fantastic. The story behind all the wonderful music created since she was a 16 year kid back in Brooklyn. The music, the sound the sets are just fantastic!

Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, chief flunky to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameni, thinks he knows why there are so many earthquakes lately. So let me get this straight. This is like letting Pat Robertson give a weather report. It leaves me with one question. Why does Sedighi fear tits?

In the city of brotherly love yesterday, while others tweeted their earthquake drama, one person found true love. Via Craigslist, Disaster Cupid also shot arrows in other cities affected by the 5. But let's go to that first instance, shall we? We can see it unfolding like a scene in a movie: in the background, the familiar strains of Carole King's "I feel the Earth move" begin softly as a year-old man stands at the corner of 15th and Walnut. As the quake suddenly rocks this part of the world, the song reaches a crescendo in its chorus, "I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down," as he locks eyes with a blonde in a blue shirt and jeans. We don't know whether to wish him luck or tell him to shake it off. If you were the blonde, would you take this as a sign?


I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet

It is simple but it is not simplistic. Oh, just my neighbor in California I was in Boston at the time. He called to tell me that an earthquake had moved under their feet out there, and reduced my 48 single-family home development in Watsonville to a pile of rubble. Well, that had just happened to me! This helpless victim attitude fueled a frantic state of mind that lingered for months.

Additionally, the song is one half of the double A-sided single, the flip side of which was " It's Too Late ". Jon Landau 's review of the Tapestry for Rolling Stone praised King's voice on this track, saying it negotiates turns from "raunchy" to "bluesy" to "harsh" to "soothing", with the last echoing the development of the song's melody into its chorus. Author James Perone praised the way the lyrics and music work together. It remained there for five consecutive weeks. It achieved airplay, but then disc jockeys and listeners began to prefer the slower, lamenting B-side " It's Too Late ".

Meanwhile, our entire kitchen and dining room have recently been gut-demolished down to the joists and beams and brick. We sold the old, clinical melamine cabinets, the cold-as-tombstones granite countertops, and less than stellar appliances on Craigslist; people came and carted them away and gave us money for them, which struck us as a great deal. In their place will be wood and copper and butcher block and tile. When we first walked into this house in October of , we were struck with starry-eyed wonderment at its beauty and elegance. Reader, we bought it.

But this week! Ho boy! The first major one hit on Independence Day. Freddie and I are fortunate to be pretty far from the actual epicenter, but we definitely felt it. It was just one more thing in a Day of Things. Earthquake, check. House full of people, check.

Earth-moving presentness experiences do not happen every day, nor do they happen for every person alive today. Those of us who have experienced even a small earthquake, know how out of mind—how impossible to perceive—the actual moving of the earth, can be. Literally, the earth does move under our feet, is constantly moving, but we are not conscious of it! What else might we not be conscious of? Feeling the earth move under your feet is mind-blowing. This notion of overwhelm, or earth-moving presentness, might also replicate out into the emotional and the mental arenas of life. More readily accessed might be the parallel construction of earth-moving presentness in an emotional arena.

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