Ayo and teo real name

EXCLUSIVE: A Step By Step Breakdown of Ayo & Teo's "Rolex" Dance

ayo and teo real name

Ayo & Teo Reveal The Meaning Behind Their Masks

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Nationality: American. Birthday: August 29 , Age: 18 Years. Mateo Bowles is a famous American dancer and YouTuber. Dance is a universal language and dancers manage to convey extreme emotions with relative ease that is difficult with mere words. Michigan-native Mateo Bowles aka Teo found his passion for dance when he was 5 years old and has been fluent in the language ever since.

A shirtless Chris Brown danced next to Usher who bobbed his head as Future rapped his biggest hit to date. But one of the most significant moments of the tour was the talented duo dancing alongside Usher, Brown and Future. It was a great moment during the tour. The brothers, who hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan, have used social media as a tool to make small dance moments major. A one-minute video they upload to Instagram can achieve K views in a matter of hours, while a three-minute YouTube video will garner the attention of millions of viewers. One of their first viral videos was uploaded in They become the beat by instinctively moving to every snare drum kick, bass line, keyboard or trumpet sound.

Home Bookings Live Acts. Since their meteoric rise to fame when Teo was just 18 and Ayo 21, they have earned some massive appearances in music videos, for the likes of Usher and Chris Brown. From their origins in the picturesque town of Ann Arbour, Michigan, this now internationally recognised trap and dance group practiced day and night, honing their skill and developing an unparalleled connection. This rising dance duo are perhaps the most recognised of their kind in the world right now. Well-known personalities to DJ at club nights, private parties and corporate events.

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With every wrist pop and isolation, as they move across the screen, they are not just masters of musicality, but experts in translating lyrics into movement and voice of a generation into song. Ayo and Teo have successfully translated their love for dance into a blooming rap career as they make moves across the entertainment industry. During our time with them, we found that the reason they wear stylized surgical masks in their videos and on stage was after an Instagram follower asked why they scrunch up their mouths when they danced. Ayo, 20, prefers masks with a shark graphic, while year-old Teo sports a panda graphic. The mask craze have begun and will not end anytime soon amongst teens.

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Ayo & Teo On How Usher Helped Kick-Start Their Careers [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Ayo, being the older of the two, began dancing at an early age, in which Teo soon joined in. - They plays Guitar and Piano. They were most prominent from to present.




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