Samsung smart tv dns settings

How to Configure Smart DNS on Samsung Smart TV?

samsung smart tv dns settings

How To Setup DNS for Samsung TV

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I have a Samsung smart TV 40 inch unsure of the model number as i am at work. It has a wired connection to my BT Infinity router, up until this morning it was working fine when accessing the smart hub, Netflix etc. This morning when accessing smart hub the TV said that it could not connect to the internet, I ran a test, TV said cable to router fine, but no internet. WIFI on all other devices is working ok. The TV is still giving me the same error message. I'm unsure of the next step, any help would be appreciated. Because of how they designed their software, if Samsung services are on the blink or down this can happen.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more here Close. We just faced the exact same issue, our TV was connecting fine and suddenly any type of connection stopped working. WiFi or wired connection didn't work, even though other devices could connect, and it was possible to connect the TV to our cellphones. Then when connecting from the TV we manually set the IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway and it worked. Facing the same problem.

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If you want to watch the geographical restricted content on your Samsung SmartTV, a smart DNS service is the easiest way to help you out. A smart DNS service is an unblocking content service based on a proxy DNS server that redirects you to the blocked content bypassing the restrictions applied by both the content server and your local internet service provider ISP. This is a very easy, simple and affordable way to access the contemporary entertainment and information from any regionally restricted content servers such as Netflix, Hulu and others. You can configure the smart DNS service on multiple devices including smart TVs, computer and other devices. Here is a site where you can get free trial versions. When you register with your local ISP for an internet connection, it provides you an IP address either static or dynamic for your internet devices such as, router, computer or others.

Your IP address have to be validated every time it changes. You can validate a specific IP address 2. Use it to validate an IP address different to your current IP address. For example, enter your real IP when you are accessing this page while being connected to VPN or enter your home IP while you are at work. Another option to validate your IP address is to validate it using a web address 3. It is important to not share the Validate IP Link with anyone!

How to set up Smart DNS on Samsung Smart TV





Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet) . Make a note of the existing IP,DNS Subnet settings and enter manually.
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