Is a watermelon a fruit or vegetable yahoo answers

Do you know your fruit from your vegetables?

is a watermelon a fruit or vegetable yahoo answers

Watermelon is the fruit of a plant originally from a vine of southern Africa. The watermelon fruit, loosely considered a type of melon (although not.


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Yet more often than not they're found alongside vegetables in savory culinary preparations. Working on this issue of the magazine got me wondering what it is, exactly, that makes a fruit a fruit. It turns out that the plant world is full of strange cases of counterintuitive classification. Botanists define a fruit as the portion of a flowering plant that develops from the ovary. It contains the seeds, protecting them and facilitating dispersal. The definition of a vegetable is a little fuzzier: any edible part of a plant that isn't a fruit.

The cucumber is a favorite vegetable of many…but wait…is a cucumber a fruit or a vegetable? First, what is a cucumber? A popular garden vegetable; popular for eating fresh, preserving in pickles, and adding to salads. The cucumber is the fruit of the Cucumis sativus plant which is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family. This site contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission. Please click here for more information about cookies collected and our privacy policy.

Just ask the folks in Oklahoma, where watermelon is the official state vegetable. Being the fact finder that I am, I did some digging to get to the bottom of this dilemma. Something that tastes that sweet and delicious has to be a fruit, right?
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No other produce screams summer quite like watermelon. It could be its refreshing sweetness or even the burst of color that adds a bit of brightness to your plate. At 46 calories per cup, watermelon offers 20 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C and 17 percent vitamin A, according to the USDA. It has more lycopene than raw tomatoes In just one cup, watermelon has 1. That matters because lycopene is thought to act as a super antioxidant, stopping free radicals from damaging your cells and messing with your immune system. Some research even suggests that lycopene, typically found in red fruits and vegetables, may help fight heart disease and several types of cancer. The juice can relieve muscle soreness A Spanish study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that drinking watermelon juice can actually be quite soothing after a grueling workout.

Dead center of the overlapping region sits the tomato. So, why is it a fruit, and why is it a vegetable? Botanically speaking, a fruit is a seed-bearing structure that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant, whereas vegetables are all other plant parts, such as roots, leaves and stems. By those standards, seedy outgrowths such as apples , squash and, yes, tomatoes are all fruits, while roots such as beets, potatoes and turnips, leaves such as spinach , kale and lettuce, and stems such as celery and broccoli are all vegetables. The outlook is quite different in culinary terms, however.

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Is watermelon a vegetable or a fruit?




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