Darcey and jesse 90 day fiance


darcey and jesse 90 day fiance

Darcey and Tommy...?

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Fans of the show know Darcey from her previous and horribly rocky relationship with Amsterdam native, Jesse Meester, from season 1 and 2. TLC followed this mother of two who left everything behind in America to go to Amsterdam to meet her long-distance boyfriend, Jesse. Once there, the obvious differences between Jesse and her became all too apparent to the viewers. From the start, Darcey longed for affection and attention, while it seemed the more stoic Jesse wished for a more independent woman. The couple broke up for good after a fight that ended their relationship in New York City.

The Connecticut native is currently starring in her third season of Before the 90 Days, but this time she's looking for love with British businessman Tom Brooks instead of Dutch model Jesse Meester, who appeared with her on the first two seasons. Even though Darcey claimed Jesse tried to win her back after breaking up with her on TV, the model didn't respond to her accusations, which she said to Newsweek and on the Sunday premiere of Season 3. Instead, he continued to post pictures of his vacation in Santorini, Greece, with his new girlfriend, TV host and travel influencer Hofit Golan. Days before the premiere of Before the 90 Days , Jesse shared a picture of himself with Hofit, where they looked away into the sunset. On Thursday, he shared a video of himself diving into a pool and reminded his , followers to live in the moment. So share, care, love, and celebrate every moment of life.

He is a Netherlands-born physical trainer who became involved with older spitfire Darcey Silva. Jesse might not be on Darcey's radar these days, but he is still on ours. Here are ten things most people don't know about 90 Day Fiance's Jesse Meester. Jesse just recently announced on social media that he would be making the trip back across the pond to visit the states, and not just anywhere in the U. He claims he will be back at his old east coast stomping grounds where he once courted his ex, Darcy Silva. This announcement sent 90 Day Fiance fans into a straight tailspin, especially considering Jesse and Darcey's messy breakup. Will they be reuniting or is he heading to America once more to visit a new East Coast lad y?

'90 Day Fiance' Star Darcey Silva May Be Returning to TV — Without Jesse Meester

After ending their "toxic" relationship, Darcey moved on with British businessman Tom Brooks—and she's not looking back. We have a really deep connection and have a lot in common.


Their reality TV stint ended with a pretty brutal breakup, which aired in September But have Darcey and Jesse reconciled in the year since? Scroll down for an update on the exes. The twosome is decidedly not together after their disastrous split, which saw Jesse blame all of their problems on the year-old. Before their breakup was publicized, Jesse hinted that there were problems on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey. Despite his comments, Darcey claimed that Jesse reached out to her after the whole ordeal.







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  1. Are Darcey and Jesse from '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' still together? Get an update on where the duo is now.

  2. After ending a "toxic" relationship with her ex Jesse, Darcey Silva says she's found love with a new boyfriend.

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