My 2 year old drank a 5 hour energy

Energy Drinks And Kids: How They May Affect Children's Hearts

my 2 year old drank a 5 hour energy

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Drinking a can of energy drink is enough to give a child caffeine poisoning, a leading doctor has warned. In the past three years, more than 2, children under the age of six were taken to hospital in the US suffering from the effects of the popular drinks, a study has revealed. Their symptoms included serious cardiac problems — including abnormal heart rhythms — or neurological problems such as seizures and fits. A can of energy drink could poison a child and a ml can of Red Bull, which contains 80mg of caffeine, and a ml can of Monster Energy drink, which contains mg of caffeine, are well over the limit for a child. High-caffeine energy drinks in the UK carry labels on their cans warning they are not suitable for children or pregnant women - but few retailers actively stop children buying the cans. The doctor said a child under 12 could be poisoned if they consume more than 2. Professor Steven Lipshultz said most cans of energy drink contain enough caffeine to cause a child potential harm.

Thousands of kids have faced serious — and potentially deadly — side effects after consuming energy drinks, new research shows. More than 5, cases of people who got sick from energy drinks were reported to U. Many of these cases involved serious side effects, such as seizures, irregular heart rhythms or dangerously high blood pressure, the researchers found. And it was children under age 6 who often consumed the beverages without knowing what they were drinking. Steven Lipshultz, the pediatrician in chief at the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Energy drinks typically contain high levels of sugar and at least as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Should you worry about drinking too much Monster Energy -- or any other energy drink for that matter? These are the questions on our minds this week following another U. Food and Drug Administration missive on deaths and hospitalizations as reported by energy drink manufacturers. Those specifically cited in this week's report PDF include Monster and Rockstar energy drinks as well as 5-hour Energy "shots" that are ubiquitous throughout US convenience stores and pharmacies. The main number being batted around -- beginning with The New York Times article by Barry Meier -- is that 5-hour Energy has been cited in reports of 13 deaths; that is, 13 people who died had ingested 5-hour Energy drink at some time prior to their passing.

Too many energy drinks can put you in the emergency room with vomiting, drinks. In one study, children as young as five ears old were drinking caffeinated Poison Control has logged calls about children as young as 2 years old downing energy drinks. He drank a cup of coffee, then an hour later two energy shots.
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Last month I wrote a post on the causes of poor sleep in adolescents, as well as the myriad problems that can result in this high-risk population. Fortunately there is a system-wide public health measure proven to work, and now groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics are fully endorsing it. In that post, I briefly mentioned the increasing popularity of energy drinks and shots as caffeine delivery devices, and their role as both a potential cause of sleep deprivation and a means of temporarily ameliorating the effects. I have been planning on addressing in greater detail the intentional, and unfortunately often accidental, ingestion of energy drinks in the pediatric population and the various associated risks for quite a while. The research, which involved the analysis of data obtained from the National Poison Data System for October through September , supports concerns that pediatricians and other pediatric healthcare professionals have had for a very long time. Before I break down the scary numbers from the study, first a little background on energy drinks. These things are often lousy with antioxidants.

Can of energy drink 'could poison a child'

What You Really Need To Know About The Safety Of 5-Hour Energy Drink

Energy drinks hold no benefit for children, and may not be safe for children's hearts, experts say. The drinks can contain not only high amounts of caffeine but other compounds, and the possible effects of these chemicals — especially in combination — on children's health have not been well studied. What is known is the drinks have no benefit for children who drink them, said Dr. Kids may think the drinks will bring them more energy, or help them lose weight or perform better in sports, but there's no evidence the drinks help with any of these goals, and they may even interfere with sleep , which can make consumers more tired. If they contain high amounts of sugar, that could ultimately impede weight loss, he added. On Oct. A Monster Energy spokesperson has told reporters that the company is unaware of any fatalities caused by its drinks.


Energy Drinks are Risky, Especially for Kids






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  1. Symptoms of caffeine overdose can be mild shaky hands, stomach upset to severe high blood pressure, seizures, coma.

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