Is 2pac dead or alive

He's alive! 10 reasons why 2Pac is "definitely" not dead

is 2pac dead or alive

Suge Knight's son clarifies claims that Tupac Shakur is alive


From far-off hideouts to the number seven, here's every supposed hint that 'Pac's still with us. For some reason. The son of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight somewhat unhelpfully also called Suge Knight claimed on October 2 that the rap legend was alive, well, and living in Malaysia. As you do. Time for you to go. Sounds like a crap action film, really.

There have been numerous conspiracy theories about Tupac Shakur's death in the past 22 years, with some claiming that the legendary rapper is actually still alive. Adding to this bizarre pile, the son of Tupacís producer Suge Knight, Suge J. Knight, has made the claim that Tupac.
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Is Tupac still alive? A couple of years back a website called Huzler reported that Tupac was still alive, and had been spotted outside of a nightclub. Illuminati, or too much photoshopping time on their hands? Last year loads of sports fans at a basketball game in Boston couldn't stop starting and taking photos of one man - all because he looked a lot like Tupac. There has been endless speculation about the possibility of both Biggie and Tupac still being alive, but if the whole thing was a conspiracy, would they show their faces at one of the biggest music industry events of the year? This guy was spotted amongst the crowd at the BET Awards last year. Several people are convinced that Tupac's death is a conspiracy, often remarking that Pac was cremated one day after dying, without having an autopsy.

The video showed the police trying to catch Snoop Dogg and clips of the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. The storyline is similar to " 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Death Row Interscope. Tupac Shakur Calvin Broadus. Retrieved March 19, Top 40 Singles.

Is Tupac alive? A comprehensive guide to the rumours and conspiracy theories

He was shot four times on his way to an afterparty after attending a Mike Tyson fight with his business partner and friend, Suge Knight, six days prior. His killer was never found. But 22 years after his murder, several people, including some who had close ties to Tupac, claim the legendary rapper is still alive.


He died six days later on September 13th. In what went on to become one of the most talked about conspiracy theories in pop culture history, many believe that 2Pac wasn't actually killed and instead faked his own death. I used to be one of those people - or at least I thought I was. Turns out I didn't really believe it, I was just a year-old grieving fan who didn't want to believe that the artist whose music changed his life was gone. Now let me be clear. My views and opinions on the subject have changed.

Tupac Shakur , 15 JUN Tupac Shakur Detective 'solves' Tupac murder mystery as he reveals who he thinks the real killer is. Tupac Shakur Tupac is alive and living behind bars in LA prison claim conspiracy theorists. Documentaries Tupac spoke of faking his own death weeks before he was shot, claims Suge Knight. Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur 'alive' and 'hiding tattoos' as photo emerges claiming to prove conspiracy. Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur's final hours reveal how he is still alive, say theorists The rapper was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in - or was he? Tupac Shakur All the places Tupac Shakur has been 'seen' since murder as conspiracy theories heat up.


Dead Or Alive (feat. Snoop Dogg)


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  1. TUPAC Shakur is 'still alive and living in hiding in Cuba' says a British man who Tupac is reportedly 'alive and well' in Somalia with Yaki Kadafi, according to.

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  3. Tupac Shakur was reported dead on September 13, , but two decades after his death, many still believe that rapper is still alive. Here are.

  4. The Hit Em Up rapper was famously s hot on the Las Vegas strip back in as he was leaving a Mike Tyson fight, aged just 25 years old.

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