Gene kelly and debbie reynolds

Debbie Reynolds' real story behind "Singing in the Rain" shows how fierce she was

gene kelly and debbie reynolds

Debbie Reynolds was 19 with no formal dance training when she was cast in ' Singin' in the Rain' opposite Gene Kelly.

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Of all the famous dance partners choreographer-director Gene Kelly worked with, Jerry, the superimposed cartoon mouse from 's Anchors Aweigh, was his favorite. Never mind that other partners, like year-old Debbie Reynolds, nearly worked their feet off. By now, the grueling footwork that went into Singin' in the Rain 's "Good Morning" scene is the stuff of legend. The four-minute song-and-dance number featuring all three of the film's stars Kelly, Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor took 15 hours to get right. By the end, Reynolds' feet were bleeding and she could barely move. Assistants carried her to her dressing room, and doctors put her on bed rest for two days. After all of that work, Kelly, who was also the film's co-director, ended up selecting the first take for the finished movie.

Insulted by Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds was found crying by Fred Astaire who helped her with the dancing in 'Singin' in the Rain'.
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Their on-screen chemistry became iconic in film history, but filming "Singin' in the Rain" was anything but blissful for Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. The two actors have both since passed, but in the decades following their hit movie, both Kelly and Reynolds opened up about a working relationship spotted with tears, blood and an alleged sexual advance that forever stuck with Reynolds. Gene was 37," Reynolds said in Despite Kelly's apparent resistance, the studio had made its decision. Parsons in her story of the Eddie-Debbie romance, he though she 'looked good enough to eat with a spoon. Hollywood: For summer school days and right into Fall, young actress Debbie Reynolds wears a button-front plaid cotton dress with demure, rounded collar and three-quarter sleeves. Combining jade and grass-green for the plaid, the dress can be worn with white accessories now - dark green or black when the Fall term begins.

Please refresh the page and retry. Its success propelled her to stardom, but the real drama took place behind the scenes. Bullied by her fellow cast members, and pushed to terrible extremes by a gruelling rehearsal schedule, Reynolds was left so weak that her doctor demanded she be given a break from filming, fearing for her health. My doctor insisted that I stay in bed. That decision may have saved me from a life on stimulants.

Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain

As news of her death spread around, tons of celebrities and friends gave their touching condolences for the incredible performer. Because the world just lost a legend. She worked her butt off.



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  1. Eugene Curran Kelly August 23, February 2, was an American dancer, actor of film, stage, and television, singer, film director, producer, and choreographer.

  2. Just as any other, this movie also went through a number of challenges during its filming.

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