Tickle me elmo without fur

Furless Tickle Me Elmo sent from the fiery depths of hell is here to give you nightmares

tickle me elmo without fur

Chicken Dance Elmo Without Fur

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Get ready to see Sesame Street's loveable little red creature Elmo in a very different light. Staff at a museum in Canada created a thing of nightmares after they took the cute toy and skinned it. The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ontario then shared a now-viral video of the monstrosity laughing its creepy little head off. Another user questioned: "What did you do to Elmo!? But they didn't stop there, deciding to ruin a second character from the children's show. Sharing another clip featuring a hairless Cookie Monster, they teased: "Did you think we were done? And that was enough for some people, with one person replying: "Good god.

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Date: December 14, Victim: Stock room employee Robert Waller. Injuries: A broken rib, pulled hamstring, and concussion. The year-old stock clerk had been working the overnight shift during the holiday rush when he was spotted holding the giggling, vibrating toy by a crowd of frantic shoppers. The ensuing melee left him looking like he had just been in a minor car accident.

Oral History: Tickle Me Elmo Turns 21


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  1. Apr 13, Check out this terrifying video of a furless Tickle Me Elmo doll, tweeted by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ontario.

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