Hillsborough county department of corrections

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hillsborough county department of corrections

Valley Street Jail (Hillsborough County Department of Corrections)- Manchester NH Live Stream

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This database lists people currently in jail and includes information on their charges, bond amount, and booking photo. An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime. This information is updated every 30 minutes. A person will appear in these listings for 90 days after their release date unless you are an authorized member. Please contact Records , if you have any questions about the information in these pages. Information provide should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. The ONLY individuals or entities that are allowed full access to the portal are Law Enforcement Agencies and select individuals associated with the bond industry, media or any recognized State Bar association.

This program established an evaluation system for new officer candidates and created formalized standard operating procedures. Currently our Field Training Officers maintain the highest level of professional standards. They are energetic, dedicated, team oriented and they are extremely hard working. In the Fiscal Year the Field Training Officers conducted approximately 18, officer candidate training hours, assisting the department in maintaining professional and competent staff. Field Training Officers conduct weekly evaluation on their officers trainees and are also responsible for authorizing sections of a proficiency checklist in which a list of job responsibilities must be taught to the new recruits. Along with these additional tasks they must still fulfill all aspects of their assigned duty station.

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Hillsborough County Department of Corrections jobs

Health Services. Denise Ryan: Health Services Administrator. Inmates requesting to see the health service staff need to obtain and fill out a Health Services Request Form. The forms are available on each housing unit and are obtained from the housing unit officer. The form is available to all inmates on all housing units.

The qualified candidate should possess good communication skills, high motivation and the desire to advance. The position offers full time, excellent benefit package, competitive wages, overtime opportunities and job security. Physically capable of performing all essential job demands of a correctional officer. Law enforcement, military, security or emergency service experience. Failure to successfully pass a phase in the hiring process will result in the completion of said process.



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