Are lyle and catherine still together

Are Lyle & Catherine From 'Southern Charm Savannah' Engaged? They've Had A Rocky Relationship

are lyle and catherine still together

Southern Charm Savannah: Where Is Ashley Borders Now? (Season 2, Episode 5) - Bravo

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Season 1 of Southern Charm Savannah began with stars Lyle and Catherine reuniting after years of dating long distance. Because of all the time spent living apart, Catherine felt it necessary to figure things out before taking their relationship to the next level. Lyle, on the other hand, wanted to propose to Catherine right away. And once again, it was hard to hear Lyle pleading with Catherine to marry him while she tried to speak from a place of reason. The couple have been back and forth for most of the season so it's hard to tell whether they're together or not. At the moment, they seem broken up on the show. But who knows if their breakup stuck?

Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie have been the will-they-or-won't-they couple of this season of Southern Charm Savannah. But it seemed as though we would finally have our answer during Monday night's season finale. Lyle asked Catherine's father for her hand in marriage, and he very nearly almost sort of kind of proposed to his longtime love. However, the two shared an emotional moment as Catherine asked Lyle not to propose to her at the time. Catherine recently told The Daily Dish that she was "surprised" to see all of this talk of marriage from Lyle in the season finale.

You guys, if you are like me and find yourself obsessing over the vibe on Bravo's reality series, Southern Charm , I have great news for you. Andy Cohen and the powers that be have decided to satiate fans' need for southern hospitality by creating a spinoff series, Southern Charm: Savannah. Viewers will be heading down to Georgia to follow another group of fancy Southern belles and gents, but, this time around, there are some serious relationships already established within the group. So, are Catherine and Lyle still together? In an interview with Bustle's Allyson Koerner ahead of the premiere, Catherine declined to elaborate on their current status, but did hint at their trajectory this season.

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Southern: Charm Savannah stars Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie's relationship first took off in high school, a fact fans are frequently reminded of on the show. But just like any relationship with a lot of history, Catherine and Lyle's relationship is anything but simple. And given the fragility of their romance at the moment, it's no surprise fans want to know whether Catherine and Lyle broke up after Southern Charm: Savannah. To sum up the painful moment there were a lot of tears , Catherine rejected Lyle's proposal because she wasn't ready for that level of commitment. Considering Catherine and Lyle's relationship was mostly long-distance and on shaky ground for the last few years, most viewers understood why Catherine said no to the romantic gesture.

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Are Southern Charm Savannah's Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie Still Together?



Southern Charm Savannah: Catherine Cooper And Lyle Mackenzie Beef (Season 2, Episode 6) - Bravo

Are Catherine & Lyle Broken Up After Southern Charm: Savannah? Their Relationship Is On-And-Off


They've dated for nearly 17 years, but can Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie's relationship recover after she denied his proposal? Catherine Cooper’s relationship with Lyle Mackenzie has been in a state of limbo since she turned down his marriage proposal on the Southern Charm.
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