Why do women complain so much

Emotional Nudity: An Open Letter To Women Who Constantly Complain But Never Change

why do women complain so much

Does your significant other relentlessly complain, invading your you as a person even though I do not like the fact that you complain so much.


Society is unfair to everyone in some way. Suck it up, princess. If anything everyone gets treated poorly, no love in the world anymore I guess. Yes, this outfit makes my boobs jump out at you! But you should be looking at my eyes you perv!!!! Especially so on the Internet.

This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Since the existence of women, the world has wondered why are they the gender that simply loves to complain. Women are known to nag and grumble at the drop of a hat. Approved By Rishta Aunties. We'd like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates. You can manage them any time from your browser settings.

I work with a lot of men, and on the surface, their relationship issues seem to be an endless list of gripes and complaints about their women. A theme that says:. Her frustration is too much. Her desires are too much. Her shame is too much.

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What Men Complain About Most in Women and Why

Ladies, stop rewinding and repeating the same drama and just do something about it already. You need to know that talk without action is just a bunch of noise.

The truth about whining, complaining, bitching & moaning




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  1. I complain she complains, they complain, actually correction, we, women, complain a lot,without even realizing it.

  2. Men complain about this the most, but here are two things you can do today to help with this:

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