Is there an eclipse tonight

There's a Total Solar Eclipse Tomorrow: Here's What You Need to Know

is there an eclipse tonight

Dates of all solar and lunar eclipses this year. Is there one you can see? as lead writer for EarthSky's popular Tonight pages since


A composite photograph of a winter lunar eclipse seen from Newgrange. A partial eclipse of the moon could be visible from Ireland on Tuesday night on what is also the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first moon landing. The eclipse will begin as the moon rises in Ireland, just before 10pm. Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth crosses between the sun and moon, casting a shadow on the lunar surface. Astronomy Ireland is setting up telescopes at its headquarters in Rosemount Business Park, Blanchardstown, to watch the eclipse. David Moore, founder and chairman of the organisation, will also be giving a talk from 9.

Update: Find out how to watch the partial lunar eclipse live online with these free webcasts! Tomorrow July 16 , the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 to land astronauts on the moon and two weeks after the moon totally eclipsed the sun, it will be the moon's turn to undergo an eclipse of its own. The full moon, in Sagittarius, will pass partway through the southern part of the Earth's shadow resulting in a partial lunar eclipse. Most of South America will see the moon rise already within the Earth's shadow. Conversely, for central and eastern Asia and Australia, the eclipse will still be in progress when the moon sets during the dawn hours of July Unfortunately, North America will be completely shut out; the eclipse occurs during the daytime with the moon below the horizon. This map shows the region of visibility for the partial lunar eclipse of July 16,

Tomorrow July 2 , a dramatic total solar eclipse the only one to take place during will darken skies over South America, providing viewers with a spectacular view of the sun as the moon crosses in front of it and casts its shadow on the ground below. Most of the eclipse's path of totality will travel over the southern Pacific Ocean. But when the lunar shadow touches land, the eclipse will traverse parts of Chile and Argentina in a journey lasting about 6 minutes. Millions of people in those nations will experience the eerie midday darkness of a total eclipse, weather permitting. Depending on the location, totality when the sun is completely dark will last up to 4 minutes and 3 seconds, according to NASA. Showtime begins mid-afternoon; the lunar shadow touches land in South America on the western coast, near La Serena, Chile, at p.

Various stages of an annular solar eclipse from Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons. Eclipses in January 6, : Partial solar eclipse January 21, : Total lunar eclipse.
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Global Event: Mercury Transit. Local Type: Mercury Transit , in Dublin. Begins: Mon, 11 Nov , The animation shows what the eclipse approximately looks like in Dublin. Stages and times of the eclipse are outlined below. All times are local time GMT for Dublin.

In , skywatchers in a few select locations on Earth have had two opportunities to see a solar eclipse, a celestial event in which the moon briefly appears to take a bite out of the sun. The third and final solar eclipse of will occur over Chile and Argentina on July 2, See our full coverage here. A solar eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon appears to cross in front of the disk of the sun. A total solar eclipse like the one that crossed the U. A partial eclipse occurs when the moon covers only part of the sun.


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