Ryans toy review toy line

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ryans toy review toy line

Ryan ToysReview is a children's YouTube channel. The channel features Ryan Kaji who is 8 One of the channel's videos, titled as "Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge" has over billion views as of August , making it the Ryan's toy reviews, especially those which get millions of views, can affect the toy's sales .

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With over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, it is one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world. Ryan's last name and home state are not disclosed, as per his family's wishes, according to Forbes. Saturday was a very special day for Ryan. He attended the New York Toy Fair -- the largest toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere -- to get his very own toy line! Ryan revealed some of the toys that will debut as part of his toy line: Toy cars, collectible figures and even a fire truck.

Here at Walmart.
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6-year-old YouTube toy reviewer debuts toy line at New York Toy Fair

Ryan ToysReview is a children's YouTube channel. Usually, his channel releases a new video every day.


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  1. Ryan Toys Review is the most popular kids and family YouTube channel on the planet with 30+ billion video views, 18+ million subscribers and counting.

  2. Ryan dropped his first line of toys at Walmart in August , though the latest deals will supercharge his output on a global level in a variety of new categories.

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