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horse and chaise venice fl

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Horse and Chaise has a well organized and professional office and excellent management with excellent staff. We agreed until we received the lease. We didn't have the right to list any defects of the house. The lease stated we could not bring a pet, even though we had agreed our cat was ok. We asked for the cost of the HOA, lawn and spa care to be stated somewhere in the lease since they were included We agreed to sign a 2 year lease, and they wouldn't add small things that were included to the lease. There was attorney fee provisions - just provides a scare tactic so people dont sue a crappy landlord. Find a better people to rent from.

Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your rental property. Check our seasonal availability or contact us to speak with one of our qualified agents. Check our annual rental availability or contact us to speak with one of our qualified agents. Our business has over 20 years of rental experience building relationships with owners, tenants, and our community. We have a reputation composed of honesty and open communication with all of our customers. The Team at Horse and Chaise is comprised of more than 50 years of collective rental experience, primarily in the Venice and Southwest Florida region. We understand the local market for annual and seasonal rentals, and stay engaged with broader trends in real estate.

Probably not, but chances are you might have visited it. This week, we will discover the origins of the once sleepy town you now know as Venice. Horse and Chaise was the original name of present-day Venice. Back in the early to mids, the area was a seasonal fishing destination for Cuban fisherman. It became known as Horse and Chaise because of a unique tree formation resembling a carriage that marked one of the better fishing locations, according to the website Beachcomber. The first white settlers to come to Horse and Chaise were Jessie and Caroline Knight, and their family. Jessie was the son of Samuel Knight, one of the best cowhunters in the state of Florida.

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Originally known as "Horse and Chaise", early settlers renamed this area Venice in in recognition of the many natural waterways which abound here. As a city, Venice became a reality when the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers BLE came here in and began to build a planned retirement community for it's members.


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  1. Horse and Chaise Rentals and Property Management of Venice has a wide selection of rental homes, condos, villas & duplexes throughout Venice FL. Call now!.

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