Rash on my shin that won t go away

Itchy Shins

rash on my shin that won t go away

What could a skin rash at my ankles mean? - Dr. Stephen F. Daugherty, MD, FACS, RVT, RPhS

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Skin rashes are a form of personal torture. Skin rashes leave you itching in your sleep and wanting to hide every affected part of your body from the light of day. No one needs to see it and you certainly have no interest in their stares. The oozing… the nonstop itching… the flaking, red skin. Lovely, right?

Click here for a complete listing. Like other inflammatory skin diseases, a wide range of conditions can cause ankle rashes. Rashes can appear on one or both ankles, and may or may not continue up the leg or down onto the foot. Rashes appearing on the ankle may also originate from further up the leg. A rash on the ankle can be bumpy, scaly, raised or flat.

M is a year-old patient that presented for evaluation and management of a skin rash on his left shin. The rash had been present for four weeks, and initially occurred after the patient bumped into an open dishwasher door. At first he thought it was just a bruise, but the rash continued to linger. M took no other medication and last saw a healthcare provider two years ago for an upper respiratory infection. M was Hispanic and worked as a computer programmer. Physical examination of the left shin revealed a 2 cm brownish, red, annular plaque, where the patient indicated he was traumatized with the dishwasher door. He had diffuse dryness and flaking on both legs and elbows.

It could be a result of diabetes, a chronic metabolic disorder that affects major organs. See which diabetes skin treatments will work for you Diabetes elevates blood sugar levels, leading to high blood pressure, glaucoma and even serious problems in your heart. The chronic metabolic disorder can also leave its mark on your largest organ: your skin. In fact, a chronic rash, fungal infection or blister is often the first clue to the disease. These outbreaks can be as benign as dry skin or small yellow rashes resulting from high cholesterol to brown spots signaling insulin resistance , boils and serious infections that could land you in a hospital. Read on to identify the most common diabetes skin conditions and how to treat them.

Itchy skin on your shins could be a health condition that directly affects your shins. You may also have an underlying health condition with itchy shins as one of the symptoms. Common causes of itchy shins include:. The first step is to identify the condition causing your shins to itch. Itchy, dry skin can be caused by hypothyroidism , or an underactive thyroid.

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