Maryland campaign reporting information system

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maryland campaign reporting information system

Office Hours - The Basics of Campaign Reporting

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Early this year, the HCCA board took a look at financial reports for many of the campaigns in this election cycle. Here are five things you should know about campaign finance reporting that impact us here in Howard County. Campaign Financial Reports are Public First, and most importantly, campaign financial reports are public. You can find the information at this link. The menu on the left shows the types of reports that are available.

Once the report has been generated, you will be presented with multiple links to view a PDF copy of the report and the two files that are used to upload to the MDCRIS system. Once you have reviewed the PDF version and are ready to file, download each of the EFiles and save them to your computer somewhere easy to access, like your Documents folder or Desktop. This will open a "Choose File" box from which you are able to locate the saved Excel file you downloaded from Campaign Manager. These values must agree with the information on the Excel file you are attempting to upload. This can be done at any point before you click the "Upload" button.

We must receive your report no later than midnight on the day designated, per Florida Statute To review the reporting schedule, visit the Candidate Qualifying Handbook. Per Section Once the report has been completed, send a signed electronic copy to campaigns miamidade. For quicker processing, make sure the email header includes the name of the candidate, the report name and references the type of report submitted i. Effective January 1, and in accordance with Sections

PIRG Education Fund, Common Cause Maryland and Frontier Group, the data revealed that the small donor matching program is shifting fundraising practices in the county- moving candidates towards fundraising from average people and away from mega donors. Candidates are able to run without relying big money donors and corporations. The majority of the candidates are using the system and their fundraising is coming from thousands and thousands of local, small donors. The report analyzes fundraising data from the first campaign finance reporting deadline for candidates in the county elections. It looks at early data from 57 candidates for county office, 37 of which have announced their intentions to seek matching funds and 9 of which have already qualified and received matching funds. Candidate committees were separated into three categories: candidates using the matching system, candidates who intend to use the matching system but have not yet received matching funds, and candidates who are not using the matching system. A number of calculations were performed and repeated across the following categories within the three types of candidate committees: all candidates in the category, candidates running for county executive, candidates running for county council at large, all candidates running for district seats, candidates running in each district, candidates who are incumbents and candidates who are not incumbents.

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