Satellite images of california wildfires

Stunning NASA Photos Show California's Devastating Wildfires From Space

satellite images of california wildfires

In this image: Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev posted four photos of the California wildfires, as seen from the International Space Station, on Twitter.

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California is still burning. As of Tuesday, three major wildfires the Camp, Hill, and Woolsey fires have killed dozens of people and scorched hundreds of thousands of acres of forests and infrastructure. The Camp Fire, which is located north of Sacramento, quickly burned the entire town of Paradise to the ground. It's now California's most destructive wildfire in terms of structures destroyed, and is one of the state's deadliest blazes ever. Parts of the beach community Malibu went up in flames in the Woolsey Fire, sending Hollywood actors and actresses running for safety.

The sheer scale of destruction caused by wildfires in California has been revealed in satellite images released by Nasa. At least 31 people have been killed and more than a quarter of a million have been forced to evacuate. The fire is highlighted in the image, and smoke from the blaze can be seen spreading over the town of Paradise. Around 24 hours after the image was taken, the fire had torn through 70, acres of land. In northern California, smoke from the Camp Fire covers the town of Paradise and reaches as far south as San Francisco before drifting over the Pacific Ocean. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

CNN This week countless photographs have offered close-up depictions of the destruction caused by California wildfires. Now, with the help of its satellites, NASA has released pictures giving a different perspective.
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Multiple wildfires are raging across Southern California, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate and destroying hundreds of buildings and homes. NASA has released a natural-color image captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on its Terra satellite, which shows thick plumes of smoke pouring over the Pacific. It is the largest of the California blazes, burning through more than 50, acres in less than a day. Relying on observations of visible, shortwave infrared and near-infrared light, the image shows a vast swath of brown stretching across the area, which contrasts starkly with vibrant green patches of unburned vegetation. More than 1, personnel are working to fight the Thomas fire alone.

The late-season Camp wildfire is still raging across Northern California, but firefighters are gradually corralling the Woolsey Fire, which has burned swaths of Southern California. That means that the work of satellites monitoring the fires is shifting. While images of the Camp Fire are still being used to track the blaze itself, scientists are now focusing their satellite analysis on measuring the destruction left behind. California's fire bureau reports that the fire is currently 35 percent contained and has burned , acres square kilometers. In Southern California, firefighters are making more headway; the Woolsey blaze is currently 57 percent contained, although it has burned more than 98, acres square kilometers.

One fast-moving wildfire, known as the Camp fire, likely wiped out the entire town of Paradise, where 27, people were forced to evacuate. As of Friday evening, the wind-fueled fire was only 5 percent contained after burning up to 70, acres and destroying 6, homes. At least nine people have died, with at least five bodies found trapped in vehicles. The Woolsey fire, south of Simi Valley, spread to 35, acres and is making its way toward the coastal city of Malibu, where a mandatory evacuation was ordered. An estimated 75, homes were also evacuated along the borders of Ventura and Los Angeles counties, according to AP. US Edition US. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

In Photos: The 2018 California Wildfires as Seen from Space

Northern California remains in a state of chaos as wildfires rip through wine country, leaving smoldering ashes where houses and businesses once stood. According to authorities, hundreds of people are missing or unaccounted for, and more than 3, structures have been destroyed in total so far. As the largest group of approximately 20 fires continues to burn unchecked, government agencies and first responders are leveraging satellite imagery to assess the extent of the damage.

Raging California Wildfires Spotted from Space (Photos)

If you feel like you can drive in any direction in the Bay Area right now and still be choked by smoke , here's the proof you're looking for. Their image of California snapped on Nov. How California's most destructive wildfire got its name. The pair of wildfires started on Nov. The Camp Fire has burned , acres as of Sunday morning. Over 6, homes have been destroyed, making it the state's most destructive wildfire ever. In Southern California, the Woolsey Fire has burned over 83, acres and is 5 percent contained.






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