Sloss furnace haunted house 2018

sloss furnace haunted house - Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

sloss furnace haunted house 2018

Sloss Fright Furnace, Airbrushing 3D and Grave Yard Action, an Overview!

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The extreme VIP was awesome! We go every year but this year was so great! Thanks for the great scares! Was this review helpful? YES NO.

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Instead of walking down the street of a neighborhood for sugary candy as a trick-or-treater, some choose to walk through haunted houses and feel the fear they deem appropriate for such a frightening holiday. From haunted houses located in actually haunted locations to houses that prey on specific fears, like clowns, there are plenty of ways to scare yourself into this Halloween. Here are five different haunted houses located in Alabama that are guaranteed to elicit screams and possibly some recurring nightmares. Arx Mortis is an indoor haunted house, located in Killen, Alabama, and spans about 50, square feet. This house features actors, make-up, complex sets and even animatronics to be the most entertaining and frightening haunted house in the Southeast.

During the stifling summer months, temperatures throughout the plant would reach more than degrees. These workers, mostly recently arrived immigrants, were forced to live in cramped housing located on the furnace site, and could be forced at any moment to return to work. To impress his supervisors, Wormwood would make his workers take dangerous risks, forcing them to speed up production. During his reign, 47 workers lost their lives, ten times more than any other shift in the history of the furnace. Countless others lost their ability to work due to accidents, mishaps, and even a recorded explosion in the small blowing engine house in that left 6 workers burned blind. There were no breaks, there were no holidays, there was only the furnace.

Im sure the furnace itself it great during the day but whatever you do don't go to the haunted house that they have in october, it is awful. The haunted house was very boring, very uneven surfaces, I almost fell many times, you are rushed through in a large group and really dont have time to enjoy it. It was very expensive and a total waste of money. Will never go again. The old equipment was interesting but the path for the self guided tour was difficult to follow.

Sloss Fright Furnace




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  1. The largest and most visited haunted attraction in the Southeast held every October at Historic Sloss Furnaces.

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