Crazy ex girlfriend heavy boobs

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend': Rachel Bloom talks how she shaped up the lyrics for 'Heavy Boobs'

crazy ex girlfriend heavy boobs

Only on the musical rom-com Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can a ditty about In fact, filming the music video for “Heavy Boobs” was backbreaking work.

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Once a day, until Dec. And we do mean small: a moment or image from a film or TV show, a panel from a comic, a brief exchange from a podcast, or a passage from a book. Think Charlie's Angels , Three's Company — shows that made sure their nubile leads found themselves in bikinis and lingerie as often as possible. Decades later, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator and star Rachel Bloom answered that trend with a musical number that took the concept of "jiggle television" to its natural conclusion. The song "Heavy Boobs", and its accompanying dance moves, are not meant to titillate year-old boys, but to demonstrate, in a defiantly and deliberately unsexy way, the sundry practical challenges faced by those who look at the world from behind a set of double-Ds.

The star and co-creator of the musical rom-com takes us underneath the top-heavy ditty. Celestial orbs have tons in common with, well, human ones — or so Bloom thought after an eighth-grade science class. Like a dying star! Thank Bette Midler for this one: On her short-lived sitcom Bette , characters joked about testing breast perkiness by putting a pencil under them, a scene that captivated the middle-school-aged Bloom. If Bloom had the time and, frankly, budget , she would have used more inventive music-video choreography for this rhyme.

Still, for the second time in its first season, the show succeeds in shaking up its central premise in a big way, then lands on a plot development that could be, depending on what happens next, either a step in the right direction or two steps forward, one step back. Oh, and all of those steps lead to the stock room of Home Base. Very funny. I watched it twice, and then watched it again. Both relationships could easily have been one-dimensional.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a song for everything: one-night stands , girl crushes , obsessing about something you've said and now…large breasts. That's right, get acquainted with "Heavy Boobs" in the video above. Rebecca decides to use the role to try and smooth things over with Valencia Gabrielle Ruiz. While trying on dresses, Valencia comments on Rebecca's chest size, out of jealousy, but Rebecca is quick to point out big breasts aren't all they're cracked up to be and launches into "Heavy Boobs. Consider this verse: "Let me break down what I just said: Each of my double Ds has the volume of a toddler's head. I'm not bitching about my boobies, they look super fly in shirts.

In it she explains to Valencia Perez the pros and cons of having a large bust size. I got them heavy boobs Heavy boobs dense like dyin' stars I got them heavy boobs Heavy boobs I can't run real far Let me break down what I just said. Each of my double D's has the volume of a toddler's head Not bitchin' 'bout my boobies they look super fly in shirts but if I swung them in your face you'd be like: "Oh my God that hurt! What you gotta know is that boobs may be where it's at but if you cut them open their just sacks of yellow fat! Stuff falls into my bra it's a little bit of a drag! When I go to bed at night it's like opening the Mary Poppins bag! I got them heavy boobs Heavy boobs dense like dyin' stars I got them heavy boobs Heavy boobs don't need an airbag in my car!

"Josh's Sister is Getting Married!"

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Heavy Boobs (Latino)

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  2. "Heavy boobs" is a song performed by Rebecca Bunch. In it she explains to Valencia Perez The song is track number 22 on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original.

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