Shows like longmire and justified

Movies and TV shows like Longmire

shows like longmire and justified

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A motley crew of characters moves west with the rail line and town known as Hell on Wheels. The series features skirmishes with Indians, blood-and-guts fistfights, and enough gunplay for fans of any Western. Justified takes place in the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens Timothy Olyphant is a contemporary, 19th-century-styled lawman who brings order to a lawless place. The series was born from a couple of Elmore Leonard novels and is in its fourth season on FX. Longmire features Sheriff Walt Longmire Aussie actor Robert Taylor , who grapples with a hazy past, complicated moral decisions, and the bad guys of modern northwestern Wyoming. Vegas is a Hollywood marriage of gangster flicks and Westerns.

Shows like Banshee, Justified, and Longmire, that take their inspiration from the classic Western, but are set in the present. Technically called 'Neo-westerns', but they have nothing to do with the Matrix. Old-school U. Marshal Raylan Givens is reassigned from Miami to his childhood home in the poor, rural coal-mining towns in Eastern Kentucky. Lucas Hood Antony Starr , an ex-con and master thief assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff where he continues his criminal activities.

Summer is upon us and you know what that means the beach, baseball games, barbecues, and hours upon hours of binge-watching television in a dark, air-conditioned room. Here are our picks for which TV shows you should be bingeing on for the month of June. Told partially in flashback across two decades, its acclaimed first season starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as a pair of former Louisiana homicide detectives who are brought in for questioning when a disturbing murder conjures familiar cult imagery from a similar case they worked together in Why you should watch it: The first season was nominated for a number of awards, taking home four Emmys, and McConaughey and Harrelson earned a fair bit of acclaim for their powerful, nuanced performances. The show is a slow burn, full of creeping tension and philosophical meditations on life and death, but it also packs a mean visceral punch, making it one of the most complex and rewarding dramas in recent memory. Since the second season premieres on Jun.

Plus, if you remove Six Feet Under from the equation, no one has done a series finale as well as The Shield. If you were hoping for something more brutal from the Justified finale, this should do the trick. Available on Hulu Plus.
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Laid-back criminals with secrets to hide, dodgy dames with back-stories darker than sin, and straight-shooting lawmen on a mission it can only be Banshee, which returns to Sky Atlantic next month. And what better time to unearth them than during these lean televisual times when the schedules are wall-to-wall World Cup and, as of tomorrow, Wimbledon? An ex-con on the run assumes a new identity as sheriff in the Pennsylvanian town of Banshee. Why should you be watching it? This is pulp television at its best, a fast, furious blast of over-the-top plotlines, scenery-chewing villains and tightly shot action scenes. Good question. Season 1 aired on Channel 5 last summer but attracted surprisingly little buzz, given how huge it is in Ireland.

Updated: the best Netflix TV shows you should be watching. Netflix is home to so many excellent TV shows these days, which means it was tough for us to come up with a list that didn't run into the hundreds for our best Netflix TV shows guide. But we did it, and thousands of you have already had your say about the shows on there. We've chosen a wide selection of Netflix shows that you should be watching right now. Below you'll find the Netflix TV shows you should all check out, even if it's just for a one-episode taster. And if you fancy a film, take a look at our best movies on Netflix guide instead. The best Netflix TV shows, as voted by you 1.

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Raylan is captured by the authorities, but Art reluctantly lets him go and puts him back on the case. Avery gets to Ava and questions her about his missing money, but she winds up leading Boyd Raylan goes after Ava after she shoots Boyd and steals the ten million dollars, but Art calls him off the chase.

These seven TV series may help to fill the void in Justified was very The two shows also share a lot of the same guest stars, as TasteDive is a recommendation engine that helps you explore your taste! Create an account for a better discovery experience. Once signed in, you receive better, personalized recommendations for similar music, movies, TV shows, books, authors, games, and podcasts, based on what you like. TV Shows similar to other TV shows.

Longmire is one of the best Netflix Original dramas thanks to its fantastic story, casting, and setting. It tells the story of a Wyoming sheriff who moves town after the death of his wife. Here are our top 5 alternatives.


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