Pain in webbing between thumb and index finger

Thumb Injuries: The Complete Guide to Diagnosing your Thumb Pain

pain in webbing between thumb and index finger

People can get de Quervain's when they hurt or use the thumb or wrist too much. Common You might also have pain if you grab something between your thumb and fingers. The back of the thumb and index finger may also feel numb.

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Muscles are groups of cells in the body that have the ability to contract and relax. There are different types of muscle, and some are controlled automatically by the autonomic nervous system. Other muscles, like the skeletal muscle that moves the arm, is controlled by the somatic or voluntary nervous system. The interossei muscles begin between the bones of the hand. There are four dorsal and three palmar interossei muscles.

We all use our hands constantly for tasks ranging from eating, to typing on our smartphones, to cleaning, to preparing paperwork. These various movements depend on many muscles and ligaments, which are at risk for injury. Pain between the thumb and index finger is a common complaint, but is often not a serious issue. Many times, it is caused by some type of repetitive motion such as writing. However, there are some more serious conditions that may require more intensive treatment. Aside from any minor aches and pains from using your hand for a particular repetitive task, you can experience severe pain caused by various disorders and injuries. Over time, the cartilage in your bones wears away, affecting the movement of your joints and forcing them to grind against each other.

Pain Between Thumb and Index Finger: Causes and Treatments

Texting, typing, gaming … Such activities pervade our lives. More specifically these painful or irritating conditions are repetitive stress injuries that fall under the more scientific categories of tendinitis, tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, carpometacarpal joint irritation, collateral ligament injury, etc.

Soreness on Hand within "V" at base of Index Finger

De Quervain's say "duh-kair-VANZ" tenosynovitis, also called De Quervain's, is a problem that makes the bottom of your thumb and the side of your wrist hurt. When you have de Quervain's , the ropey fiber tendon that helps move your thumb away from your fingers becomes swollen. See a picture of de Quervain's. People can get de Quervain's when they hurt or use the thumb or wrist too much. Common activities that need your wrist and thumb can cause the problem. Some activities that might cause de Quervain's are:. If you are pregnant or if you have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis , you are more likely to get de Quervain's.


A man rubs the painful area between his index finger and thumb.




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  1. If you have swelling, stiffness and tenderness at the base of your thumb, or have been diagnosed with thumb osteoarthritis, these exercises are for you!

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