How old is ayo and teo

Interview: Ayo and Teo "Rising Stars with "Rolex" Anthem

how old is ayo and teo

Ayleo and Mateo Bowles known professionally as Ayo & Teo are a duo of dancers and rappers Ayo, being the older of the two, began dancing at an early age, in which Teo soon joined in. The two never took official dance classes and were.

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A shirtless Chris Brown danced next to Usher who bobbed his head as Future rapped his biggest hit to date. But one of the most significant moments of the tour was the talented duo dancing alongside Usher, Brown and Future. It was a great moment during the tour. The brothers, who hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan, have used social media as a tool to make small dance moments major. A one-minute video they upload to Instagram can achieve K views in a matter of hours, while a three-minute YouTube video will garner the attention of millions of viewers. One of their first viral videos was uploaded in They become the beat by instinctively moving to every snare drum kick, bass line, keyboard or trumpet sound.

About. YouTuber and dancer who is known for having co-founded the Ayo & Teo channel. He has gained popularity there, alongside his brother Ayleo, for their.
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Two young brothers from Michigan have been creating a powerful buzz with their anthem "Rolex", an infectious tune capturing fans from ages 5 to The official video has gained over 5 million streams and the single over 91 million. The video features the brothers dancing around Atlanta with their friends, and a cameo appearance by their idol, Usher. Having danced all their lives, the two were encouraged to try the singing end of it, and proved very successful with their new endeavor. These guys are the real deal.

In reverse! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Reverse in the building, Yeah! Let's go! Ah, Yeah! Oh you check my swag Aye!

Fly Introduction: Chris Brown and Usher Praises New Dance Duo AYO & TEO

Ayleo and Mateo Bowles are a sibling duo, better known as Ayo and Teo, who released their hit song in early Aside from such a high volume of views, we want to take a look at the various Rolex watches that they wore in their music video. We often see newcomers rise to the top, seemingly out of nowhere.

Ayo and Teo Dropped Out Of School To Pursue Success…Looks Like It Worked

Ayo, being the older of the two, began dancing at an early age, in which Teo soon joined in. The two never took official dance classes and were mostly self taught. As well as dancing, the two became fascinated by music and Ayo taught himself how to play piano, drums, and the trombone. After finishing high school, Ayo went on to attend Washtenaw Community College. The two uploaded their first YouTube video on November 6, of themselves dancing at their High School's talent show, which got more than 1 million views. They honed their dancing skills in elementary school, later establishing a popular social media page that issued viral dance challenges. Wearing their trademark bear facemasks, they issued their first single, "In Reverse," in





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