Sees nuts and chews guide

See's Candies Milk & Dark Chocolate Nuts & Chews

sees nuts and chews guide

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See's® Nuts & Chews — Inside the Box. Our unofficial clickable guide to what is " inside the box" for See's Nuts & Chews. Enjoy! One pound Nuts & Chews box.
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See also:. I really love the chocolate-covered nut cluster type of candy, but I always feel…as if I could make those myself, or something. I liked the balance of nut pieces to caramel pieces, and I liked the mix of dark and milk chocolate. All good, some great, no disappointments. Thank goodness. And I love all the chewy ones you listed, and like the nut ones enough to enjoy them. How helpful.

Since , the company has been part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Some steps in the candy-making process are still done by hand. Currently about 1, These are old-fashioned candy shops. It really allows them to step back in time to more or less a different era, and to shop in a retail location for a product that their taste buds are telling them they have to have. We talk when we need to, but generally, from a standpoint of operating the business, he leaves that up to us to take care of it.

June 19, By Camille Comments. You can order a custom mix in a 1 lb. I know! At no cost to facilitate this review, I was sent a 2 lb. The caramel, dark chocolate, and marshmallow blend is just divine. My mouth is watering just typing this.

Love Chocolate? You’ll REALLY Love See’s Candies!

Since , See's Candies has been satisfying America's sweet tooth with a variety of chocolates, lollipops, peanut brittle, and other treats. It was started as a family business and has grown through the years to an enterprise that operates over stores throughout the U. The company also sells its confections in certain mall kiosks, online, and through other select retail outlets.

Q&A: See’s Candies finds that brick-and-mortar stores are still a sweet spot

As a child, I sometimes got scolded by my Dad for pinching the corners of all the candies in the box to see what fillings they held inside. As an adult, I was in awe of my friend Lori, who had the uncanny ability to discern what each piece of candy was, just by looking at it. The aroma of sugar, chocolate and butter hits you the moment you walk into the quaint lobby, with its frosted Deco light fixtures and spic-and-span, black-and-white checkerboard floor. Lest you get famished while you wait for your tour guide, there is a domed glass serving dish in the waiting area that holds candy samples you can help yourself to. The other, about the same size, is in Los Angeles. This is the busy time for the candy company, as employees in the San Francisco factory alone gear up to turn out chocolate Santas, and other Christmas treats. The candy with the longest shelf-life is made first lollypops, which are good for days ; the ones with the shortest shelf-life are made last cream-centered bonbons, which keep for only 15 days.




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