Baby shark song and dance

Baby Shark Live! is coming to Pa. and we still have the song in our head

baby shark song and dance

Baby Shark Dance and more - Best Dance Along - +Compilation - Pinkfong Songs for Children

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But that hasn't stopped children's song Baby Shark from joining hits from these artists in the UK Top The catchy tune has so far managed to rack up more than 1. These views, and people listening on streaming services, has this week pushed the song into the charts. Aside from the song's catchy lyrics and funky dance moves, how the children's song Baby Shark managed to get so popular is certainly a puzzler. Here at Newsround HQ we've been asking: Who is baby shark? Where did the song come from?

Whether or not you have children in your life, it may seem like the “Baby Shark” song is everywhere. It's an earworm. It's a dance craze.
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The tot-friendly tune about congenial sharks searching for a meal has racked up over 2 billion YouTube views to become one of the site's top-viewed videos of all time. It also shows no signs of abating anytime soon: Netflix plans on streaming a series of shorts that will flesh out the carnivorous adventures of the title character. In December, Baby Shark toys sold out on Amazon in two days. There can be no escape. In , musician Johnny Only recorded a version of the song and uploaded it to YouTube.

Pinkfong consists of mainly children's songs, of which the most famous is " Baby Shark ", with more than three billion views on YouTube. Their educational channel has more than 20 million subscribers, with a brightly-colored programming of stories, sing-along songs and dances represented by a pink fox named "Pinkfong". The global product development company has more than 4, children's videos, songs, games and apps. Pinkfong was formed with the inception of SmartStudy at their Seoul headquarters, in June A Los Angeles branch with a few employees opened in , and another is located in Shanghai. The U.

City playing ‘Baby Shark’ on loop to drive away homeless

Baby Shark Dance

Sign up now for local breaking news alerts Subscribe. Alex Antoneshyn , Digital Journalist. Organizers called it "one of the most unique Guinness Record attempts in recent memory. The famous—or infamous, debatably—song was first released in by South Korean education brand Pinkfong. It later blew up with the release of a dance video that earned nearly 3 billion views on YouTube.

Baby Shark Dance - Baby Songs - +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - Little Baby Bum

Baby Shark has been watched more than billion times, according to its song In My Feelings, where people get out of moving cars and dance whilst being.
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