Light fury and toothless babies


light fury and toothless babies

Apr 9, Toothless and Light Fury with their baby Night Light dragons.


The trailers for Dreamworks' How To Train You Dragon: The Hidden World have not exactly hidden the fact that the fan-favorite Toothless will get a female love interest of his own in the film. Already we have seen that the Light Fury, which is an appropriately white version of Toothless' male Night Fury, will be at the center of the film, and a courtship between the two creatures will be developed. It will be an interesting storyline to see unfold, especially considering that the previous two How To Train Your Dragon movies have hinted at Toothless being the last of his kind. However, it doesn't seem like that will be the case for long. Popular toy and collectible manufacturer Funko has unveiled the latest wave of Pop! Yes, it sure looks like Toothless and the unnamed Light Fury will take their relationship to the next level and have babies. The new wave of Funko collectibles reveal three adorable baby dragons whose hides are mixed in black and white colors, making it clear that the black Toothless and the white Light Fury are their parents.

We are so happy to see that Hiccup and Astrid have had two children and Toothless and the Light Fury three dragons, but something is stuck in my mind and I wanna analyse these babies. But we have forgotten the last nightlight. Applying the previous analysis. If we transform this dragon into a human, we can say he would be a boy with auburn hair and green eyes. What if Dean has left us an easter egg where Hiccup and Astrid are still waiting for another baby Haddock?

Ween I watched the movie I was kinda disappointed with how the nightlights looked. Not their shape, they were obviously adorable. But the colouration. I mean, as we all know Toothless has very interesting and unique puttering, with all of his stripes. And if you look closely at the light fury, she has similar stripes, but she also has cool tones mixed in with the white, like purple and blue.

baby light fury



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  1. The Night Lights are the offspring of Toothless and the Light Fury. Night Lights are very fast dragons, as babies can easily keep up with their parents in flight.

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