The quotient of 2 times a number and 8

The quotient of 2 times a number and 8?

the quotient of 2 times a number and 8

Explanation: The quotient is the result of division between two numbers. The quotient of a number (I used n) and 8 would be n8.

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Division is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic , the others being addition , subtraction , and multiplication. At an elementary level the division of two natural numbers is among other possible interpretations the process of calculating the number of times one number is contained within another one. The division with remainder or Euclidean division of two natural numbers provides a quotient , which is the number of times the second one is contained in the first one, and a remainder , which is the part of the first number that remains, when in the course of computing the quotient, no further full chunk of the size of the second number can be allocated. For a modification of this division to yield only one single result, the natural numbers must be extended to rational numbers or real numbers. Both forms of divisions appear in various algebraic structures. Those in which a Euclidean division with remainder is defined are called Euclidean domains and include polynomial rings in one indeterminate. Those in which a division with a single result by all nonzero elements is defined are called fields and division rings.

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Let's get down to business. An expression is made up of terms. Terms are the separate values in an expression. Each term can be a variable, a number and a variable, or a number and many variables with or without exponents, as long as everything is being multiplied together in a single nugget of math goodness. Some of our favorite terms include:.

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The sum of two or more numbers is the outcome of adding these numbers. Example: Calculate the sum of 13, 5 and 8. The parts you add are called terms. Answer: Three terms, namely 3 x 2 , 6 x and 8. The difference of two numbers is the outcome of subtracting these numbers.

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the quotient of four times a number and nine

Algebraic Expressions:. Unlike equations, algebraic expressions do not contain an equal sign. The word " terms " refers to values that are added or subtracted. The word " factors " refers to values that are multiplied. The term 7n has two factors: 7 and n.

Finding the quotient of two mixed numbers

SOLUTION: the quotient of twice a number and 8 added to 4 is 16.Find the number





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  1. Answer: The quotient of 2 times a number and 8 is \frac{x}{4}. Step-by-step explanation: Let the given number be x. We need to find the.

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