Tyrel wolfe and joana marchan

14 Years Later, a Christmas Gift Leads to Lasting Love for a Couple Across the Miles

tyrel wolfe and joana marchan

Destiny packed in a Christmas shoebox; an Idaho love story

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Updated 4 weeks ago on August 5, Take Tyrel Wolfe and Joana Marchan for example: They were two people from opposite sides of the world brought together by a very simple act of kindness. Years went by without either one of them giving it a second thought. Then, because of the modern conveniences of social media, their lives were brought together in the most unexpected and heartwarming way; and it was all due to that one kind gesture years earlier. An extraordinary chain of events then unfolded, leading to one of the most unforgettable stories of connection in recent times.

Doing good for others is often a reward in and of itself, but sometimes our generosity comes back to us in ways we never imagined. When an Idaho teenager remembered an act of kindness from his childhood, it turned his life upside down. Social media is an essential part of modern communication. Believing it to be just another scam, Tyrel declined the invitation. Several years passed, and the strange friend request became a distant memory. The sender? Joana Marchan.

When Tyrel Wolfe was 7 years old, he sent a girl a shoebox gift that would change their lives forever. It all started in , when Wolfe, a thenyear-old in Midville, Idaho, helped his parents pack Christmas shoebox gifts for children in the Philippines. As part of the project, each shoebox-packer had to include a photo with their gift. Wolfe slipped in a photo of himself in cowboy gear against a rustic mountain background. He gave the shoebox to his aunt, who dropped it off at church. Then, one day in , Wolfe, now 21, got a Facebook friend request from a Joana Marchan. Not knowing who she was, he ignored the request.

Two years later she tried again. This time he accepted the request and sent her a message asking her how they knew each other. As they messaged back and forth, they found that they both were passionate about their faith and shared a love for Christian music. They spent a year corresponding on Facebook before Tyrel decided he had to see this woman with whom he had so much in common. In , although nervous about traveling alone to another country, he used his savings to fly to the Philippines. When he saw Joana for the first time he realized it was worth every penny.

How a 7-year-old boy’s act of charity led him to find the love of his life

Tyler and Joana Wolfe A true love exist.

11 Years After This Boy Sent A Shoebox Overseas, His Parents Were Alarmed By A Message From A Girl

In , Tyrel Wolfe was a cute and unsuspecting seven-year-old boy living in Idaho. So young Wolfe excitedly looked for what he could find to place in the care package, he decided to place a photograph of himself inside his shoebox. He dropped the box off at church ready to be sent to a less fortunate child. Wolfe knew he had done a good deed, but had long forgotten about the shoebox…. This generous little boy and his family, were by no means wealthy.



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