Car and driver subaru ascent

2020 Subaru Ascent

car and driver subaru ascent

Fitted with standard all-wheel drive and up to eight seats, the Subaru Ascent ensures that large families safely reach their destination no matter the weather.

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From the August issue How much car do you want, and how much car do you need? They make more money if you buy more car than you need, and most of us do exactly that. Subaru has exploited this imprudence as deftly as any brand. In recent years, it has transcended its humble roots as a small, offbeat automaker with an unconventional customer base by convincing an ever larger number of people that not only do they want all-wheel drive, plastic body cladding, and extra ground clearance, they need this stuff. Sure, not all of it is strictly necessary for the daily commute, but what if someday you just want to take a spontaneous camping trip into the wilderness, with all the dogs, in the middle of a snowstorm? The company wants you to believe that you need a Subaru.

Read our full review and see photos at Car and Driver. but it's accurate enough, and only the comparison-test- winning CX-9 really provides.
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After logging nearly miles in its first two months of service, our long-term Subaru Ascent 's pace slowed over the winter months as fewer staffers ventured far from home. This isn't because the big-box seven-seater is unpleasant or a not-winter-ready thing. Our low usage was more a reflection of current market trends, as our fleet is flush with family haulers: Right now, we have seven utility vehicles, two station wagons, two pickups, and a van all vying for the attention of staff members planning a long journey. Still, our Subaru Ascent Touring continues to satisfy its mission, transporting humans, dogs, and all of their belongings without significant drama. Since our getting-acquainted period, the frequency of comments in the logbook has trailed off. This can often mean one of two things: The vehicle doesn't inspire drivers to bestow accolades, or it does nothing badly enough to excite us to put pen to paper to ridicule its flaws.

Our Long-Term 2019 Subaru Ascent Quietly Carries On beyond 13,000 Miles

2019 Subaru Ascent

Highs: Three rows of seats, generous cargo space with seats folded, perky acceleration. Lows: Porky curb weight, not much cargo room behind the third row, disappointing fuel economy. Highs: Compact dimensions, fuel-efficient powertrain, excellent outward visibility. Lows: Only two rows of seats, smaller cargo bay with seats folded, relaxed acceleration. Shopping for a conventional SUV in the Subaru showroom these days comes down to two primary choices, the compact Subaru Forester and the mid-size Subaru Ascent. Sure, you also could include the brand's Outback station wagon and subcompact Crosstrek hatchback in the mix. But the Forester and Ascent both are capable enough in many ways to be cross-shopped with each other, depending on what exactly you're looking for.

Still, our Subaru Ascent Touring continues to satisfy its.
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You get to know a vehicle on a road trip. The Ascent logged its longest to date when office-mate Frank Markus took a 2,mile jaunt from Detroit to Memphis, Greenville South Carolina, and back. The Ascent doesn't have the same grunt as the Durango that made a similar trip a year earlier, but the Subaru averaged That means the Ascent's 2. With 5, miles on the odometer since October, our Ascent is averaging The three-row SUV was more than laden.

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