How to play needle and the damage done

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how to play needle and the damage done

"Needle and the Damage Done" - Neil Young Guitar Lesson - COV003

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This is a classic Neil Young track. Neil is just totally where it's at, even after all these years. This is one of my personal favourite tunes by Neil Young, fun to play and loads of interesting things going on. Hope you enjoy it too! I should have done this classic NY tune years ago - so much fun to play and not crazy difficult - and it rocks! It's in Double Drop D which is a nice tuning for roc My Niel Young binge is starting : seems like I have one every year - such an incredible and powerful artist, my all time favourite.

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I remember a time when anyone who claim to play acoustic guitar was expected to know a few standard guitar songs. Not only is it a classic but it just sounds good on the acoustic guitar. In this lesson I'm using the Needle and the Damage Done chords to teach you a useful progression with the descending bassline and a few new chords. I have simplified this guitar song slightly to isolate the most important aspects of this lesson. You can use either your thumb and fingers to strum this or a pick. I show both in the video.

Neil Young Guitar Lesson “Needle And The Damage Done” Chords

Neil Young – The Needle and the Damage Done

This preview video contains the first part of the complete lesson for the song The Needle and the Damage Done. The complete song lesson contains a lesson video, a performance play thru video, full tabs and chords and lyrics sheet. Return to Individual Songs page. They will download as Zip files. I use Zipeg which you can get free, here. All our lessons.

Neil Young Guitar Lesson “Needle And The Damage Done” Chords

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These tabs are also used in the verse with one difference shown below , as well as the breaks between each verse. Pay attention to the up- and down-strum notations, as these are important for emphasizing both the bass note and melody via the highest note. A terrific video showing how to play this can be seen here. After the C and F, you continue to the Esus4 and E -- those remain the same. Listen along for reference. Sometimes Neil plays this little riff on the final E to end each verse. The third bassnote in the E measure simply slides up to the 4th fret, and then back to the 2nd fret for the next bassnote.


To download the full lesson, plus a play thru video, tabs, chords and lyrics, click this link.
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