Love and hip hop atlanta season 3 online free

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 1

love and hip hop atlanta season 3 online free

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Back in the Dirty South, Atlanta is the new frontier in entertainment where the opportunity to make it big in the rap game is always one hustle away. Follow the cast with a few new additions as they continue in the daily struggle for fortune and fame. Stevie and Joseline celebrate the next step in their relationship, while Kirk and Rasheeda take two steps back. Momma Dee takes a bite out of Scrappy's new love interest. Waka Flocka promises to be faithful to Tammy, and Nikko puts Mimi in a compromising position for the whole world to see. When Stevie gets word of Mimi's new found infamy

The story picked up right where it left off last week with Joseline and Stevie J plowing across the stage and jumping on Benzino and Althea like wild beasts. In case anyone doesn't remember -- even though the beginning of the end was replayed throughout the entirety of last night's episode -- it only took 30 seconds of misplaced stares and a string of "whats" for the taping to go from zero to real quick. With right hooks flying, Louboutin's kicking in the air, furniture flying and Joseline and Mr. Jordan on 10, the stage fell to pieces as the couple's anger was put on full display. After Benzino started swinging on Sleazo's girl, things were only going to go downhill from there. As security thought they were starting to get things seemingly under control -- with six security guards holding Stevie J light-as-a-feather-stiff-as-a-board style, and carrying him away from anyone he might go after -- the ATL producer breaks free, looking for the man he once called his brother.

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Stevie and Joseline celebrate moving to the next level in their relationship in the Season 3 opener. Stevie receives news of Mimi's newfound infamy. Elsewhere, Scrappy works to balance the ladies in his life; Karlie sets rules for her new flame; and Kirk tries to determine if he fathered Rasheeda's baby. Stevie and Joseline organize a dinner party for Benzino and his new girlfriend. Wedding plans are on hold for Stevie and Joseline.


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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta



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