Post malone and john mayer

Mark Wahlberg, Post Malone, John Mayer and Adam Levine Are Huge Fans of This Rainbow Rolex Daytona

post malone and john mayer

Shawn Mendes & Post Malone Joins John Mayer's Instagram Live (21/08/18)

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The life of a celebrity photographer can be pretty fun, we can imagine. You basically get to follow around a famous person and snap photos every once in a while when there's an opportunity for social content. Post Malone and Adam DeGross likely have a close relationship at this point. There may be somebody vying to pry his job away though, and it's not another professionally-trained cameraman. John Mayer slid into the comment section of Post Malone's latest photo, telling him that he sometimes wishes he was "his Adam DeGross.

The latter is made up of Steve Jordan on drums, Pino Palladino on bass, and Mayer on guitar and vocals. Even the security guards were bobbing their heads. Closing out the acoustic set was fan favorite "Neon" in which Mayer described writing some of his earliest songs in his room by himself, but trying to get the effect of two guitars playing at the same time. An extended intro and outro of the song had Mayer playing the bassline with his thumb while playing the lead with his four other fingers. Mayer refuses to use a loop pedal and instead enjoys the thrill of getting the two guitar effect live, and it's often the most animated performance of the evening. With Palladino on Bass, Jordan also on drums, Mayer's longtime friend David Ryan Harris on rhythm guitar and vocals, and newcomer to the band Isaiah Sharkey on the other lead guitar, Post Malone played a guitar of his own during the performance which saw him and Mayer feeding off each other's energy.

Using the video game Guitar Hero as inspiration to learn how to play the real instrument, the rapper began making his own music. He even became part of a heavy metal band with his childhood friends. Later, Post favored a more hip-hop-influenced sound for the rest of his discography as a solo artist. After coming up with his pseudonym via a rap name generator, Post Malone moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. Justin Bieber even made him the opening act of his Purpose World Tour. After dropping his debut mixtape, August 26 , in , Post Malone released Stoney , his first full-length studio album.

One of Rolex 's most colorful offerings ever is the Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona , which was first introduced over a year ago. Since then it's picked up plenty of famous devotees. Malone was wearing one of these glittering timepieces recently when he made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The guest spot was notable enough as it was, given that Malone walked on stage dressed unusuallyfor him. He wore a finely tailored three-piece suit and the Fruity Pebbles-colored Daytona, providing a welcome contrast to his signature face tattoos.

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