Negative pregnancy test at night and positive in the morning

Why Should Early Pregnancy Tests Be Taken in the Morning?

negative pregnancy test at night and positive in the morning

Whether you're hoping for a big fat positive or big fat negative, taking an early test can When is the best time to take a pregnancy test: morning or night?.

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To increase the accuracy or more precisely to increase the possibility of receiving a positive test result earlier it is advised to use a first morning sample when testing for pregnancy. Unless you have urinated in the middle of the night, first morning urine should exhibit a higher concentration of the the pregnancy hormone, hCG. This means you can get an accurate result sooner than with other samples collected during the day or evening. Also send me the free 5-part email series Get Pregnant Now. Frequent urination can prevent a build-up in the concentration of hCG in a urine sample, meaning that the hCG level in the urine sample will be low and you might receive a negative result when, in fact, you may be pregnant. Along with holding your urine, you should not consume an exorbitant amount of liquids which might cause frequent urination or dilute a urine sample.

Is it best to take a pregnancy test in the morning? The good news is that hCG nearly doubles about every two days in early pregnancy. That means that typically, after the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy, your hCG levels are high enough to give an accurate pregnancy test result without having to use first morning urine. This allows you to take a pregnancy test at any point in the day. First morning urine is most important when you are choosing to test very early in pregnancy. This is typically defined as before the first day your period is due, or just after. The further away you are from when your period was due, the less important first morning urine is for the purposes of an accurate pregnancy test.

In most cases, you can detect levels of hCG 7 to 12 days after successful implantation of an egg. If you take the test too early, you might get a negative result even if you are pregnant!
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The time between when a woman suspects she might be pregnant and when it is confirmed for sure is the longest of her life. Regardless of whether you are hoping for a positive or a negative result, the odds are good that you are sweating bullets when the time to read the pregnancy test finally comes. And the wait isn't necessarily over upon seeing a result the first time; many women take the test several more times just to be certain. So what happens if you get a different result the next day? Can a pregnancy test change overnight? The answer is yes.

I took a test yesterday morning and jt looked faintly positive, but went to the doctors that night and took one of theirs and it was negative :. Wait a few days. In the instructions they advise you to wait until morning because the concentration of hcg is strongest. So be patient, I know it's hard! What everyone else is saying


Early Morning The Most Accurate Time for a Pregnancy Test




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  1. I took a test on Saturday morning with my first urine of the day and it was positive. Although suuuuuper faint. This would mark me around the 4 weeks late, I'm.

  2. A negative home pregnancy test result can be wrong, and it happens was not enough HCG in your system but the morning pee caught a little. test last night, after having some early symptoms, and it came out positive.

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