Dazed and confused and adorable

Smells Like Teen Spirit: ‘Dazed and Confused’ at 25

dazed and confused and adorable

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Now I have to go and buy this film! Have never seen it, but after reading this…… you would have made a very persuasive salesman, you silver tongued author you! Tom, I am so with you on this. I have had a very strong relationship with this film for years. I think a big part of me likes to think my teenage years were like this…. And to a certain extent they were if much more British.

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What do you remember about your high school years? Holifer Avenue? Or the night you hooked up with the third hottest person in your class at a random house party, the one whose breath smelled of Miller High Life and cloves, then they sorta winked at you on Monday but never really talked to you after that? The huge deals, the touchstones that earmarked you as a winner or pegged you as a loser — you can probably recall the details like a info-stream data download, courtesy of enough Facebook prompts and nostalgic pagings through old yearbooks. But those more intimate and personal things, the hang-outs that simply made up the bulk of your junior and senior years? But you almost assuredly remember how those moments felt.

All Right All Right All Right: 25 Years Of Dazed And Confused

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Beguiling Orb - Dazed and Confused and Adorable (2-Pet Levelling Team)



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