Jane velez mitchell and donna dennison

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jane velez mitchell and donna dennison

Plant-Based By Nafsika S01E02, Segment 2: Jane Velez-Mitchell and Donna Dennison


The out journalist's newest venture uses new media to spread the word on animal rights, a cause she calls 'the social justice movement of the 21st century. She won several awards along the way, then gained national fame with an HLN show bearing her name, which ran for six years before it ended last fall. Over the past couple of decades she also got sober, became a vegan, and came out as lesbian. No one could accuse Velez-Mitchell of remaining silent. They started the site last fall and relaunched it with a new format last week. They are also seeking sponsors, with an eye to making the site self-supporting — and they have found their first one in a maker of vegan catnip.

She is a lesbian and was in an open relationship with Donna. However, she could not continue her relationship for a longer period of time. Talking about the present relationship status of Jane Velez-Mitchell, she is strongly believed to be single because there is no any information about her love affair in which she is involved actively. Her previous love affairs are also not made transparent to the media. Talking about her sexual orientation, she is a lesbian. She was born to Pearse Mitchell father and Anita Velez mother.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. Velez-Mitchell is often seen commenting on high-profile cases for national TV shows. She is the author of four books. You know what I just wanted to mention something. Do you like the music that I play at the beginning of the program and during the break and at the end? So for more information on that just go to responsibleeatingandliving.

JaneUnChained News Network is a c-3 non-profit. Our EIN number is She is known for speaking up for the voiceless! Read her full bio below. My Story. She helps organize weekly pig vigils outside of a slaughterhouse near Downtown Los Angeles. She hopes to help raise awareness in her community and around the world about the victims of animal agriculture.

S01 E06 · John Lewis, Jane Velez-Mitchell & Donna Dennison, Ken Spector




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