Parks and rec john mccain

Parks and Recreation - John McCain

parks and rec john mccain

Feb 28, "Parks and Recreation" still: VP Joe Biden with Amy Poehler . John McCain spends some quality time together in a coat closet.

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In a video released by NBC, Senator McCain discussed why he chose to participate in the episode, and reflected on some of his other TV cameos from years gone by. McCain shared that he's a big fan of "Parks" and its star Amy Poehler. I'm a fan, it's hilarious," he said. And of course, Amy [Poehler] is such a talented actress. My experience with her goes back to hosting 'Saturday Night Live' a long time ago," he recalled.

Amy Poehler is finally opening up about McCain's upcoming guest-starring spot on Parks and Recreation. Find out what Amy told us about Zach Galifianakis being a married man! He was so game and funny. He has a great sense of humor about himself. He was great.

Knope Goes to Washington " is the season premiere of the fifth season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation , and the 69th overall episode of the series.
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Parks and Recreation. Sorry, video is no longer available. The Cones of Dunshire. All the Waffles. From Script to Screen. Behind the Scenes: April and Andy. Shooting Parks on the Road.

John McCain's Best TV Appearances, From 'Parks and Recreation' to 'SNL' (VIDEOS)

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S5 E1 | 09/20/12


5 best political cameos on ‘Parks and Recreation’




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  1. Aug 21, PARKS AND RECREATION, Senator John McCain, Amy Poehler Who knew Senator John McCain had such a knack for comedy?.

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