The height length and period of a wave depend upon

Shallow-water wave theory

the height length and period of a wave depend upon

The height, length, and period of a wave depend upon ______. a. the length of time the wind has blown. b. the wind speed. c. the fetch. d. all of these. 2.


Wave length, also known as cycle and period, is the difference in magnitude from one point on a wave to the corresponding point on an adjacent wave as measured along, and defined by, the x-axis of the graphed wave forms. As the wave enters shallow water, the wave height increases, and the wavelength decreases. There is no relation between wave length and wave height. You can change the wave height independently from the wave length. Wave height tells you which amplitude the wave has. If you think of sound that means how loud it. The height of the wave is irrelevant in this case.

Pendulums are in common usage. For small displacements, a pendulum is a simple harmonic oscillator. A simple pendulum is defined to have an object that has a small mass, also known as the pendulum bob, which is suspended from a light wire or string, such as shown in [link]. Exploring the simple pendulum a bit further, we can discover the conditions under which it performs simple harmonic motion, and we can derive an interesting expression for its period. We begin by defining the displacement to be the arc length.

This article explains some theories of periodic progressive waves and their interaction with shorelines and coastal structures. The first section provides a descriptive overview of the generation of wind waves, their characteristics, the processes which control their movement and transformation. The following sections describe some aspects of wave theory of particular application in coastal engineering. Some results are quoted without derivation, as the derivations are often long and complex. The interested reader should consult the references provided for further details.

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