Nicky jam and daddy yankee

How Nicky Jam Triumphed Over Drugs, Weight Gain and Beef With Daddy Yankee: 'I Was Too Young'

nicky jam and daddy yankee

Nick Rivera Caminero (born March 17, ), known by the stage name Nicky Jam, is an During the late s and early s, they became friends and formed the unofficial Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam duo, also known as Los Cangris.

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Netflix and Telemundo take to the small screen the life of Nicky Jam, the American reggaeton resident in Medellin. Through this series, the story is told in thirteen chapters and it will relate his personal struggle against drugs and street life. Says the official synopsis: "Nicky Jam, reggaeton star, shares his fight to get out of drugs and his path to international success in this series based on his story". Who is Nicky Jam? He was born in Boston and is the son of immigrants: his father is Puerto Rican and his mother is Dominican.

I have a responsibility with my wife and I want to keep it for the rest of my life. She has sweat, cried and laughed with me. She has been part of my growth. Yandel surrounds himself with sexy dancers on stage, but his true muse is at home: wife Edneris Espada. Espada is also the mother of his two children. The couple married before Yandel found fame, when he was still working as a barber in his native Puerto Rico.

Today, the year-old has the opposite problem. Jam has a history of finding success where you'd least expect it. Born Nick Caminero, he started rapping at local talent shows in his native Lawrence, Mass. Distinto a los Demas , in at 14 years old. His favorite was then-rising star Daddy Yankee. The admiration was mutual, and Yankee asked him to become his hypeman. I was too young," he says.

Nick Rivera Caminero born March 17, , [1] known by the stage name Nicky Jam , is an American singer and songwriter. The name "Nicky Jam" was jokingly given to Rivera by a homeless man. Rivera's family was low-income, and as a minor, he performed illegal work in a grocery store in order to help support them, improvising while bagging groceries. One day, a music executive noticed his talent and signed him, and at the age of fourteen, he recorded his first album, The album was not successful, but it did gain him recognition in the music industry and warranted the attention of some music producers such as DJ Joe, DJ Playero , and DJ Chiklin. After his first album, he continued working in the music industry, where he met Daddy Yankee when they were recording with Guatauba and DJ Playero. Daddy Yankee asked Rivera to work with him.

The Hot Wives of Reggaeton Stars Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam and More!

Tu Hombre - Nicky Jam ft Daddy Yankee (Concept Video) (Album Fenix)

His latest successes — which include a pair of No. For any artist, this would be an impressive run, but for Nicky Jam, 35, it caps an unlikely comeback. Substance abuse had been a recurring feature in his life when he was growing up in Lawrence, Mass. It was normal. He moved with his family to Puerto Rico in , speaking no Spanish, but quickly became a prodigy in the local music scene, which was just beginning to coalesce into the Caribbean-hip-hop-hybrid sound that would become known as reggaeton.







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