Did safaree and lyrica sleep together

LHHH: Ray J Tricks Safaree Into Revealing Lyrica’s Secret, Twitter Reacts

did safaree and lyrica sleep together

Truth About Lyrica & Safaree - LHH Hollywood Season 5 Episode 6

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Ray J instigated some major drama during the Sept. But as expected, it only caused a lot more problems for the recently reunited couple. Meanwhile, Safaree strutted his way into the restaurant, which left A1 stunned. This was the first time the two had come face-to-face since rumors started swirling about Safaree hooking up with Lyrica. Ray J explained that he invited Safaree so they could talk and hash things out, but not much was resolved because Brooke ran into the bathroom to tell Lyrica that Safaree had shown up. Safaree got fed up with the drama and told A1 and Lyrica that he wanted nothing to do with their relationship issues, and then he stood up to leave. But before he could go anywhere, A1 jumped up on the table to go after him.

Powered by WordPress. Ray J said he was just repeating information that he got from K Michelle aka being mixie , who is the source of all this. We never really get to the bottom of anything because Lyrica and K Michelle start going back and forth before the latter can say how she misconstrued the message. K Michelle steps off stage before she gets too heated. You know how crazy these folks are, especially Moniece, who seems to be keen on attacking pregnant women. Lyrica G said she never said it was a photo, just that Safaree sent her something inappropriate.

All Lyrica had to do was erase the incriminating messages only. Not so much A1 just mad because Lyrica smashed Safaree before he did. LHHH pic. LHHH really expects us to believe that all of a sudden Mr.

After K. A1 might wanna have a paternity test done if she is preggers. Thank God you guys are still together be happy and you guys only need each other block the haters. I love you guys and the marriage is strong. Ray J is no friend.

Powered by WordPress. You know all about her struggles with that because she has been very vocal about it. Moniece accompanies K. Michelle to her appointment and listens to her pour her heart out to the doctor about how the motor oil injected into her booty jacked up her health. Later on, we actually watch some of the procedure take place and then K Michelle complains about so-called friends who never visited her in the hospital. Apple Watts is here for a minute, and she has the daddy drama storyline to prove it.

Lyrica Anderson Gives an Update on Marriage to A1 Bentley

Friday, October 05, PM. E-mail to friend. - But did Lyrica really sleep with Safaree…or is the whole thing just a storyline for the show? The whole situation is complicated and messy as hell — which is part of why the show has been able to milk it so successfully.

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Not so much All Lyrica had to do was erase the incriminating messages only. Lyrica you too mad girl. First of all lyricaanderson girl your actions is of the guilty. LHHH pic.



LHHH PHOTOS Here’s the best evidence yet that Safaree and Lyrica really did smash



Sep 7, Lyrica Anderson has already gone public with her pregnancy and announced to everyone who’ll listen that her husband A1 is the baby’s father. But the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is still dealing with the fallout from her alleged smashing of co-star Safaree Samuels earlier this.
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