Three men and a baby ghost

The Urban Legend That Won't Die: The Truth Behind the 'Three Men and a Baby' Ghost

three men and a baby ghost

Three Men and a Baby Ghost Debunked

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Can you believe it has been almost 30 years since we all freaked out about the Three Men And A Baby ghost? Starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, the film, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on November 25, followed the three bachelors as they tried to bring up the love child of one of them. But behind the laughs, there was a more sinister urban myth that gripped and freaked out most viewers. As they walk through the New York City apartment, they pass a window that seems to have something leaning against it. Released before the internet could bust the myth, and perhaps thanks to the dodgy quality of VHS when it was released for home viewing, we were all convinced we were seeing an apparition. One story was that it was the child of one of the production staff who sadly killed himself, another was that it was a child who died at the apartment. Want more of this lovely stuff?

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. The ghostly image of a boy who died in the home where Three Men and a Baby was filmed can be seen in the finished movie. As Mrs. A rumor has persisted for several years that this figure is the eerie image of a boy who was killed in the house where this scene was filmed:. On a recent trip to the southwest U.

The infamous “ghost boy” image in the comedy film Three Men and a Baby appears in a window when Jack Holden (Ted Danson) and his.
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Still, that hasn't stopped an urban legend about a "ghost boy" lurking around the set and appearing in images from the film from persisting for the past three decades. OK, no house, no tragedy. But how do you explain the pretty obvious image of a child hiding behind curtains in one famous shot which Fallon helpfully held up? See twins all grown up. Turns out you can blame Ted Danson: his character in the film is an actor and he has stand-up cardboard images of himself all over the apartment. The "boy" behind the curtains is actually one of those cutouts.

Does a Ghost Boy Appear in ‘Three Men and a Baby’?


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  1. "Three Men and a Baby" is a classic comedy starring Tom Selleck, Still, that hasn't stopped an urban legend about a "ghost boy" lurking.

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